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Proof Review: Transcendence (2014) [3.5]

TRANSCENDENCE // Give Wally Pfister a break. In his directorial debut, Pfister was placed against impossible odds. Having been Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer for around fourteen years, the man was being compared to one of the best directors of our time. 507 more words

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Morgan Freeman Chats With Jimmy Fallon While Sucking Down Some Helium

We all took a lot of joy in watching Morgan Freeman suck down helium for his show Through The Wormhole, changing his legendary voice into a squeaky kid’s toy. 70 more words


Review: Lucy

Lucy is a mind-bending sci-fi thriller that is essentially an existential exercise in what would happen if humans could access all of their brain capacity. It uses the assumption that humans, while the most advanced species, still only uses approximately 10% of their brains. 494 more words


Lucy's action slowed down by philosophical mumbo-jumbo

Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) begins the story “just like you: vulnerable, uncertain, frightened of death,” but when the bag of drugs some very bad people “slipped into her lower tummy” bursts, her life is changed forever. 450 more words


Internet Update

This is so beyond amazing…is it possible Frank Caliendo sounds more like Morgan Freeman than Morgan Freeman does?

Also, I’ll take a heaping serving of the Mike on the left, please! 

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Video Of The Day ... Comic Frank Caliendo Reads LeBron James' Letter About "Coming Home" To Cleveland As Morgan Freeman...

Most of us know comic Frank Caliendo and his amazing ability to do voices and not just any voices but some of the biggest celebrities in the world. 78 more words