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Last night I took to the cinema to see the recently released action movieĀ “Lucy”. I was well aware of the glaring falsity that made up the premise of the plot–the… 180 more words


Lucy Review


I know this review is kind of late but I just got out of the new Luc Besson film “Lucy” starring Scarlett Johansson, and I really wanted to share my thoughts. 913 more words

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Film Review: 'Lucy'

“That’s telekinesis, Kyle! How ’bout the power to move you?” — Tenacious D

Lucy has un-scientifically evolved into a hit. The second of two films promoting transhumanism this year (the other being the completely forgettable… 733 more words


Flash Movie Review: Lucy

It is funny; I originally planned to start this review out talking about the times where too much education may not be a good thing. When overhearing two people talk about their health issues and I can tell they are not aware what their symptoms mean but I do, makes me feel sad for them. 389 more words


"Lucy" -my thoughts (very limited spoilers)

Well first there was Dr. Manhattan! And now there is Lucy. Scarlett Johansson played her roll very well I thought. I think that her work with the Avenger’s and Iron man really help her fit this role even though she didn’t really get into any fist actions it was more or less the attitude she sold. 223 more words

Mike's Lucy Review

by: Michael (@mpusatera)

Lucy is the new film from the writer of Transporter and Taken. It tells the story of a young woman, kidnapped and forced into drug trafficking, who, through an injury, is able to unlock the secrets of higher human brain function. 388 more words

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