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Camelot, I Will Return: Part I

Greetings, milord and milady!

This is the main story of The Eventful Life of Morgan Le Fay. If you are feeling a tad confused, and would like a blurb of Camelot, I Will Return, you can find it in the previous post, or… 759 more words


Camelot, I Will Return: Blurb

Good day, Your highness!

The first short story that belongs in this series will be up soon, titled “Camelot, I Will Return”. However, methinks it is better that you had an overview first! 86 more words

Short Stories

The Eventful Life of Morgan Le Fay: An Introduction

Hail my lords and ladies!

Welcome to the land of Camelot, where great tales abound, and where I, as a bard or storyteller, will attempt to document the worthy adventures of the enchantress, Morgan Le Fay. 402 more words


Pre-Raphaelite Inspirations

After spending an unintentionally long time away from this blog forĀ a number of reasons (most of which can be summed up as “life getting in the way”) I think it’s time I made a comeback! 506 more words