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Friday Fantasy - Dark Fey Preview 3

Tiny shards like crystalline ice were stretching across the reflective pane, each splinter a minuscule prism that reflected any spark of light in the room, even the ineffectual glimmer of her diminishing aura and his ethereal, dark crimson glow. 320 more words


Friday Fantasy - Dark Fey Preview 2

The forests of Jyndari were vast and Hwyndarin was set nearly in the heart of the ancient woodland: with good reason. On the coast, storms and high winds could sweep in from the oceans or roll off the heights of the Trynnari Mountains and threaten both the stability of essential light and the equally indispensable treasures of learning collected through the ages, but deep in the center of the primordial forest storms were seldom a threat or even a consideration. 624 more words


Friday Fantasy - Dark Fey: The Reviled - Preview 1

Not a day had gone by during her childhood years when she had not been told the tales of the Dark Ones, which were meant to frighten her into absolute vigilance; to always be wary of the darkness where the Dark Ones could lie in wait. 638 more words


Queen Mary 2nd and Her Captain

Photographer James Morgan decided to create something a bit special to mark the Queen Mary 2’s 10th anniversary.

When he first suggested placing Captain Kevin Oprey on the liner’s bulbous bow for the photo shoot, people apparently looked at him like he was ‘a bit mad’. 97 more words


Dark Fey : Book One, The Reviled - Cover Preview

I am so very Proud and more excited than I can express, to share with you the Exceptionally Amazing cover that MichelleMarie at : http://michellemarieantellg.wordpress.com… 168 more words


Secrets Morgan and Mikhails Clinical Anesthesiology 5th edition Lange

Entering an anesthesiology assistant program is great career choice, for men and women who have completed pre-med programs or nurses who have completed the equivalent coursework. 303 more words


A First!

I sold my first coin from my “Coin Porn” section to a lovely CoinTalker a few days ago! I couldn’t resist taking a pic and bragging a little before it ships out, despite my lazy Thursday appearance!  12 more words

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