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MUST LISTEN -- Morgellons EXPOSED! Kandy Griffin Eugene Irvin Kimberlee Schultz ACTA Radio 1/26/14

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Jan 26, 2014

Kandy Griffin, the lead in Morgellons Research, shares how she survived what the mainstream medical establishment could not diagnose, nor treat. 45 more words


Morgellons Sufferers Speak Out 55

In the nearly 8 years since I have been helping Morgellons sufferers I have heard thousands of stories about how day-to-day life is for the Morgellons sufferer.  1,150 more words

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The Morgellons “2 Minute Self-Diagnosis”

If any two of these things is true for you, it’s likely you have Morgellons syndrome.

  • Do you have dark or black specks in your bed sheets or on your body when you wake up in the morning?
  • 177 more words

***Baby Is Born With Morgellons, Covered In Lesions Is Now SYMPTOM-FREE!*** 52

The Melton Family Experience;

“My husband has had Morgellons now for what he thinks is about 10 years. We are positive that I now have it and… 333 more words

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Finally, The Complete List of Morgellons Symptoms

No one has all of these symptoms

The Morgellons Research Foundation (since closed) has identified ninety-three specific symptoms associated with Morgellons.  Morgellons is a name that is used to define a cluster of symptoms that are systemic in nature. 1,496 more words


Morgellons Disease; Patient delusion — or medical confusion?

When Anet Greenley got sick four years ago, what upset her the most wasn’t the continual nosebleeds, the numbness in her limbs, or even the fact that her stool had turned green. 997 more words

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