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London's Post-Punk Band, Morgellons, Dish On Their New Band's Chemistry, Influences and Fan-Centric Attitude

Morgellons, a London-based, post-punk band, are certain to infect you…with their jam-worthy, Joy Divison-inspired, guitar-hailing music that is.

After much evolution this four piece is back, restyled and stronger than ever. 353 more words

HELP! I'm Recovering!

The following information addresses issues that may arise during recovery.

The time it takes to recovery from Morgellons/NCS varies from 3 months to a few years, depending on how long a person has suffered, what the source of toxicity is, environmental factors and how closely the patient is able to follow the PCI Recovery protocol. 1,769 more words


Morgellons: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Morgellons (NCS)?
Morgellons (NCS, Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome) is caused by intimate exposure to toxins. Examples of toxins that cause Morgellons are dental materials used in dentistry, pesticides, recreational drugs or metal implants. 2,261 more words


I Have Incredible Value, Not Evident by My Covering

“Don’t look upon my hideous state in pity.
I am more than my sores and my pain.
I have incredible value, not evident by my covering.” 645 more words