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HELP! I'm Recovering!

Morgellons lesions are the end result of a core problem. Treating the skin issue of Morgellons does not provide long-term relief or address the other symptoms, such as neurological, physical or mental problems.  1,906 more words


Morgellons: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Morgellons (NCS)?
Morgellons (NCS, Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome) is caused by intimate exposure to toxins. Examples of toxins that cause Morgellons are dental materials used in dentistry, pesticides, recreational drugs or metal implants. 2,261 more words


I Have Incredible Value, Not Evident by My Covering

“Don’t look upon my hideous state in pity.
I am more than my sores and my pain.
I have incredible value, not evident by my covering.” 645 more words


PODCAST -- Red Ice Radio - Vincent Freeman - Hour 1 - Chemtrails Pathogen, Xenobiology & Engineered Bacteria

Red Ice Radio
Apr 4, 2014

Vincent Freeman is a molecular biologist and artificial intelligence scientist who has worked on classified programs at some of the top-50 defense contractors. 413 more words