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Homemade Fruit Enzymes

Overcoming Morgellon’s is a multi prong approach of  diet, supplements and environment. The less toxicity you are exposed to on a daily basis the better. All of the cleaners in my home are now natural and non toxic. 503 more words

Chemtrails Fallout Reveals "NASA" Printed on Microscopic, Bio-Engineered Morgellons Hair Follicle

How do quantum dots get inside a human hair? It must be part of a living system. Quantum dots can be taken up by bacteria and maybe fungus too, but it may be possible that they self assemble genetically by arranging fluorescent molecules around metal centers. 12 more words


Did Chemtrails Bring Down Flight 370 ? The nagging question, Are they trying to kill us ?

We all see them pretty much every day.

Is it possible that one of the Toxic Chemical Barrels burst and filled the Cabin with deadly chemicals? 111 more words

Growth Inhibition Achieved

Below is the article from the Carnicom Institute regarding Vitamin C, antioxidants and Morgellon’s.  As I mentioned in the Liposomal Vitamin C post, I noticed a significant difference in how I felt after adding vitamin C to my protocol. 674 more words

Morgellons? YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!!!


  • You Are Not CRAZY!!!
  • You are not delusional!
  • You are not imagining things!
  • Morgellons is a real condition with a real pathology.
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Delusional Parasitosis

My Story (Morgellons)

For years I had searched for answers to mystifying symptoms I suffered. Skin rashes, fatigue, body aches, itchy crawling sensation on my skin and in my body (began at 14 years old). 1,713 more words

Delusional Parasitosis