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First new Morgoth track in 18 years + tour dates

It’s been eighteen years since Morgoth released Feel Sorry for the Fanatic before breaking up in 1998. The German death metal machine reunited in 2010 and now, after eighteen years they have put out a new track called… 127 more words



i’m not so sure about timeline… may it be dagor dagorath and the very last dragon (and i have no idea how it managed to survive)… anyway today i’m sad and my arts are sad as well.


Consistent Villains: Developing Individual Ethics

If you’re like me, villains are the most fun characters to write, and the majority of the writing time for a short story is spent on developing them.  630 more words

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The Silmarillion Recap: Quenta Silmarillion (Part XI)

Fëanor’s lust for revenge has driven him into Middle-earth, where Morgoth/Melkor has returned to his old fortresses. It’s time to get even in “Of the Revenge of the Sith.” Wait. 716 more words


Tolkien – The Seven Deadly Sins II : Lust

Lust – The Second Sin of Tolkien

          In stark contrast to GRR Martin’s epic saga (no pun intended) Tolkien’s conception of fantasy is considered completely devoid of sexual desire or content – or at least the primitive, base urges of Tolkien’s manuscripts are glossed over, as if the very word were the worst of all taboos. 769 more words

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The Silmarillion Recap: Quenta Silmarillion (Part X)

Chapter 12 is short. While I could combine it with the next chapter, there are two reasons that I’ve chosen not to: 1, Chapter 13 is all about Fëanor and his arrival in Middle-earth which is a very different topic, and 2, I just returned from a trip less than 12 hours ago so I’m running on very little sleep. 543 more words


The Silmarillion Recap: Quenta Silmarillion (Part IX)

The two Trees of Valinor are dead, Fëanor and part of the Noldor have chased Morgoth (aka Melkor) into Middle-earth, and Thingol and Melian have fortified their lands. 803 more words