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The Story of the Nerdy Balrog

[Cirdan's note: Here is a wonderful story written by nerdybalrog. Don't you just love Grey Havens YA?]

I used to be a great spirit, a powerful creature, a shapeshifter, a wizard, a Maiar. 425 more words

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Cruelty, Malice, and the Will To Dominate All Life: Did Tolkien's Dark Lords Both Make The Same Mistake?


Some time ago, I wrote a post – far and away my most popular to date – concerning J.R.R. Tolkien’s dark lords. In it, I mention that Tolkien’s books were written with the conceit that Middle Earth was in fact our own world, in a mythic time before history as we know it began. 943 more words


What's "mor"?

My latest article for TheWeek.com ventures into phonaesthetics – specifically, why some of the most evil names in fiction have a little something “mor” in them: 17 more words

The Week

Throw-Back-Thursday: Fate & Prophesy in The Children of Húrin

          This short discourse will uncover the motivations behind the evils that befall the protagonist Turin in J.R.R Tolkien’s fantasy epic, The Children of Húrin. This paper will outline the actions taken by Turin that, when considering the text, result in evil. 111 more words

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Villains of Note: Morgoth

This week, my villain of choice was the Dark Lord before there was a Dark Lord (wasn’t that just hipster of him?).

Man esselya ná? 693 more words

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