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Sherlock Season 4 and Rumpelstiltskin

Sorry for not posting last week. I was crazy busy with my food truck and just ran out of time.

Regarding the riddle I posted, the man was stealing motorcycles. 266 more words


Moriarty meets the Lion King

 “Tread Lightly” Roars the Nocturnal Lion


 Chapter 4 of “Sherlock Holmes and the Tweaking of Time”

Let us remember what Moriarty said at the end of chapter 2: 2,232 more words


New Mexico Moments | New Memories of Past Lives

We were drowning in darkness on Highway 41 outside Santa Fe, but every five seconds or so, lightning fractured a ganglion of clouds and only those clouds. 1,296 more words


Writings About Writing - Those We Love, Part Three

Part 1 and Part 2

Here’s a tough question. (One I don’t have an answer to, too.) Why do people like some villains?

I mean, really. 243 more words


LeakyCon-Day 2

Steady journaling all of our LeakyCon enjoyment is tough. After a fantastic late night/early morning in the magical world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, I had a Sherlock meetup to co-host and a Lit Track to cover. 354 more words

BBC Sherlock-Moriarty

Hi, everyone. Does anyone besides me feel sorry for BBC Moriarty? I tell you I started out hating him and then I wrote a few fan fiction stories that detailed how he got that way. 46 more words

Fan Fiction