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Moringa Oleifera

Moringa oleifera Klasifikasi ilmiah Kerajaan: Plantae Ordo: Brassicales Famili: Moringaceae Genus: Moringa Spesies: M. oleifera Nama binomial Moringa oleifera




Deskripsi Umum


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The next Billion Dollar Company Is set to Unveil a new product line

 May 2014 all eyes will be on the exciting new products released by zija international. Some leaked information indicates the new products will be geared to the “active lifestyle” market. 13 more words

What? About the Moringa Oleifera?

Have you heard yet about Moringa?

The Moringa oleifera tree is often regarded by scientists and nutritionists as the “miracle tree”, and for good reason. Nearly every single part of this plant, from its seeds to its leaves, and even its flowers are edible and chock full of nutritional value. 628 more words


Moringa - The Miracle Tree

Moringa is known as a miracle plant and can be used as a nutritional supplement and a cure for a long list of  ailments. In this case I am just concentrating in how it works well for hair and skin. 1,024 more words


Tropical plant Moringa provides alternative to soap for handwashing

SHARE-funded research [1] has found that Moringa oleifera, a common plant in many tropical and subtropical countries, can be an effective handwashing product if used in the correct concentration. 205 more words