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I love Robin Williams

Robin Williams…I guess everyone has a hero he or she secretly loves. Sure there are the Clint Eastwoods or John Waynes. Humphry Bogarts or Lauren Bacalls, Betty Whites.

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Brent Brents

The Legendary Robin Williams

I was in Los Angeles for work when I got the news. Robin Williams had passed away. A man that had shaped my childhood with memories and laughs. 303 more words


Mork and Mindy.. and Me

It has been a little more than a week since the world was left shocked by the sudden death of Robin Williams. I am still having difficulty wrapping my head around the fact he chose to take his own life. 491 more words

Classic Television

Dyslexia and Me: Dyslexia, Self Esteem and Depression

Mork calling Orson, come in Orson…

You will have had to be hiding under a rock for the last couple of weeks to have missed the extremely sad news on the passing of Robin Williams. 1,546 more words


WATCH: David Letterman's Touching (And Funny) Tribute To Robin Williams

In case you missed it, David Letterman addressed the passing of his friend of thirty-eight years, Robin Williams, Monday night (8/18/14) on The Late Show… 167 more words


Letterman Salutes His Pal Robin Williams

David Letterman was on vacation last week, when the news broke that Robin Williams had died.

Dave marked his return Monday night, with a lovely tribute to his (now departed) long-time friend. 57 more words


That's all folks!

Do you remember ‘Mork and Mindy’?
I do. It was brilliantly funny back in the day. An unassuming little comedy series that launched (so far as I know) one of the most versatile and talented comic actors of a generation. 111 more words