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Clear The Aisle


This week sucks. It’s been a week of 12 hour workdays (largely unpaid because it’s grad school job training), looking without success for a new place to live, and the inability to find time to do laundry and grocery shopping. 470 more words

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What I Learned

I took a break, I’m sure you’re probably tired of me referring to it. I just have one last thing about that and it will be another adventure that has come and gone. 806 more words

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My Favorite Stalkers

Most people avoid stalkers, but I on the other hand praise them in a blog post.

Amanda and Emma hail from a family of weird people.  146 more words

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Reasons I'm Single But Awesome #11- My Face

I’m not ugly. Let me just lay that out there and tell you this post isn’t about me having an ugly face. This post is about me having a dysfunctional face. 482 more words

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Beautiful Branson

It’s probably time I start explaining my break but I think it will be even more important to talk about what got me out of it. 889 more words

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Count Again Dumbo

 So it’s been a while… Okay it’s only been a month and a half but it feels like much longer!

In the time I haven’t written a lot has happened, but I don’t even know where I would start to catch things up. 121 more words

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Advice From My Father

My dad is known for his texting but he should actually be known for his words of wisdom. Or “Rick-isms” as I call them. Take this past weekend when I was stopping in for the night on the way back from a wedding. 188 more words

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