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Three Nephites, Ranked

Had I known that Steve was never a Zone Leader, I probably wouldn’t have allowed him to have as much influence as I did on last week’s rankings. 22 more words


Tragedy, Suffering ....God Knows.

How could there be a God with all the tragedy and suffering that we see all around us? This question has been asked throughout the ages. 564 more words

CS Lewis

DAY TWENTY: a day in the life

share a day in the life. pictures, timelines, stats, however you like.

my days have been very weird lately because of moving. so those have gone: 300 more words


Let your light shine

Others will see your light. They will see it. Continue to do what you should do as a daughter of Heavenly Father. Be the daughter He expects you to be. 22 more words


I am a Mormon

I will stand for what I know is right. Even if I have to stand alone. I am a convert and I am proud to be one. 26 more words


Addicted to blogs?

I resolved to myself that I would spend less time reading blogs. I have a couple that I enjoy, but that only takes a minute and most of the time I seem to end up reading crap that is distressing, to say the least. 255 more words


You never know

Here is a Mormon Channel video that is making the rounds on the Facebook. I don’t usually watch Mormon Channel videos because I don’t usually watch any video unless I think it’s going to be funny, and Mormon Channel videos are not usually supposed to be funny. 2,103 more words