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The wait.

So it’s Sunday 21st December 2014 on a perfectly beautiful 37 degree celsius day in Australia and I’m just deciding to make a blog. I have other platforms such as Tumblr and Facebook, but I don’t think any of them have the means of which to build on one’s self creativity than a platform like this. 465 more words


The Sunday School Files 21 December 2014

Lesson 47

Ezra 1-8, Nehemiah 1-8


Ezra and Nehemiah was originally one book in the Jewish Bible, and it actually begins where 2 Chronicles ends. 1,028 more words

John Dehlin: your spiritual experiences have nothing to do with reality

John recently started a ruckus on his Facebook page, a not entirely uncommon occurrence, when he expressed his astonishment that a certain learned Mormon gentleman made the following statement: “I believe in the Book of Mormon, both its powerful spiritual message and its historical claims.” It was the historical claims that John particularly objected to. 1,521 more words

John Dehlin

TLC to air ‘My Husband’s Not Gay’ documentary

TLC have announced they are to air gay-themed documentary My Husband’s Not Gay.

The show – which will air in the US in January – will follow four devout Mormon men living in Utah who don’t identify as homosexual despite their same-sex attraction, reports… 115 more words

Cult News

My husband is *not* gay

TLC, you’ve gone low for entertainment. Mormon guys with wives admit to gay attraction and live an “alternative” to an “alternative lifestyle.”


Mormon Definitions: KJV #Mormons

“We do believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated corectly. Meaning no revised and reedeted versions. Though revelation form the prophet Joseph Smith we believe the king james version of the bible to be the most correct bible on the eath today.

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The Importance of Advocates

All of us, as Paul said to the Romans, sometimes do the very things we hate. We measure with wicked scales and bags of dishonest weights, and the consequences are just as Micah predicted: we eat and are not satisfied. 1,251 more words