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Coming Up For Air

There have been a lot of duty dayjob work over the past two weeks. As a result my hours to create had been limited. Next week will have a good chunk bitten off by dayjob work too so I am bracing myself. 235 more words


november 21 is the day of rebirth, through exhaustion....

it’s hard to write.  last night i really sunk into the rabbit hole, deep, with a friend, i let it all out, all of it, the whole shpeel of pain and sorrow, still so much from my break up, and then just being alone, and the feelings of it, the base animal out, the ego on fire, i spouted, cried, and vented to the point where i went nuts.   930 more words


Good morning.

Daily practising my morning pages: imaginary creature based on random blob shape.

This was a piece of paper on which I tried my gouache paint Such a wonderful supply and such brilliant colors. 65 more words


Good morning.

Daily practising my morning pages: imaginary faces based on random scape paper.

Use Daily Rewards to Break Creative Blocks - 99U

Renowned author Stephen King, who has published 49 novels that have sold over 350 million copies, writes at least ten pages each day. As a creative person, you’ve experienced writer’s block, even if you’re not necessarily a writer; software engineers, artists, or anyone that has to create things for a living is susceptible. 352 more words



Good morning.

Daily practising my morning pages: imaginary face based on random blob shape.

Not on every day there is a spectacular drawing to find in a random shape.Today I feel a bit like needing another challenge for my morning drawings. 6 more words

what persephone said...

today i recognize how lost i feel.  not on the inside, or with my life purpose, that part is crystal clear.  but with where to live and whom to partner with and how to get by in this material world in a way that gets along with my life purpose.   698 more words