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Writing morning pages with 750 words

This is my first blog post in a little while. It’s been winter and I’ve been hiding. After travelling last year and having three summers in a row, this winter was definitely a struggle. 279 more words



This word, authenticity, keeps bouncing around in my subconscious, sometimes rising to the conscious, sometimes even to my lips.  I said no to one request recognizing that it would be inauthentic for me to do it. 95 more words

Morning Pages

Morning Pages

Yesterday evening I was reviewing comments and likes (thank you very much for all of those, by the way) and landed on a post about “Morning Pages”.  537 more words


Typing is hard, but this isn't the muse I was hoping for.

I write 750 words per morning to get my head clear and my day started. While doing so, something unexpected happened:

There is a giant-ass bug in the corner of the ceiling and the wall.

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Week that Was: Ch-ch-changes

Last week was about reviewing where I’m at, and where I want to be.

  • I bought a bunch of new clothes.
  • I reviewed my ‘brand’ and target audience, using…
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This Week, Monday 8th September 2014

S’autumn isn’t it?

I so very nearly dated this January; I am uncertain of time. When I spoke to my doctor a couple of weeks ago she asked how I’d been – I said it had been a tough winter for breathing. 1,084 more words

Assorted Ramblings

september seventh meditation...the two wolves...

this is day one of writing as a meditative practice.  i am unsure what this will look like, other than a free flow of words and thoughts….a way to be present, in the moment.   1,614 more words