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Monday Morning in China

The darkest corner of the world

Harbors a hurricane

At its centre, a soul

The pearl of the world

A prism of grey, blue, cream, and pink… 141 more words



day bends around the corner of night

awkwardly unfurling

in a stretch of raw light


in bitter sweet and black

as the nicotine teat… 15 more words

Morning poem 6

Good morning
Thank you for another day
My bed doesn’t want to release me
It’s warn and comfortable
I’m like a baby being swaddled
Except I wish it were him holding me. 64 more words

Morning Poem 4

Good morning
How is your day
I miss hearing those words
Darling morning musing
Slanted eyes
And I’m not even high
Just awakening.
5 more mins of sleep… 24 more words

Morning Poem 3

Yesterday was hard
Mixed messages received
Love concluded on day 3
You need your space
Like the ocean between us is too close
We talk too much… 79 more words