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I Open the Canvas Again...

It’s been a while since I added a stage to the roster. After a little trouble with updating the studio software, today I decided to open up GIMP and paint up another background. 421 more words

Game Design

Day 2: One Year of Happy - Morning Fresh

It’s my favourite time of day, the early morning. I really do try to get up at 5:00am, although when the alarm rings, I’ll give some thought to what it is I have to get done. 217 more words


Read-Aloud Time with the Afternoon Basket

Our family does a lot of reading; both individually and reading aloud. Last year, though, I decided to incorporate a specific time when both of the girls and I would sit down together to read aloud. 755 more words


Back of the Checkbook

Morning is for health and fresh resolve and vigor and hope. Night is for regrettable decisions, hollow rationalization of said decisions, mindless indulgence. I love the morning, wish I could get right with the night. 23 more words


WARNING! Extreme Ultra Deep Meditation - Brain Wave Binaural



http://PowerfulMindSecrets.com Listen with headphones. Early morning time is best. :) This Binaural is very powerful
Divine Aim

Circle Time

We have been taking some time off from academics over the last few weeks, and just really enjoyed some much needed ‘down’ time as frustrations had been mounting with the very hot weather. 725 more words