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First day of school today

…and I must admit, I had a bit of a problem getting stated today. Getting up was not that easy after skyping with the husband until a bit after 0100 this  morning. 300 more words


Lovely mornings.

As promised, here are a few of my tips to becoming a morning person and learning to appreciate one of (at least in my opinion) the most wonderful times of the day. 721 more words

Healthy Lifestyle


Here’s one thing that I’ve been challenged with in my prayer life lately: mornings.  I’ve heard for a long time that the key to connecting with God in prayer was to get your day started off right, which means time with God in the mornings.   781 more words

Young actress shows off a softer side in Y/A adaptation in "If I Stay"

FOX 4 film critic chats with Chloe Grace Moretz about her role in the new movie “If I Stay.” 15 more words


High-tech beauty gadgets that are as good as going to the spa

Jill Hickey demonstrates how some high-tech beauty gadgets can turn your home into a spa. From exfoliators to microdermabrasion tools, Hickey shows how they work and why you may want them. 15 more words


Irish woodworker Liam O'Neill changes Ireland's history with wooden bowl

Master Irish Craftsman/woodworker, Liam O’Neill is in Kansas City for the Irish festival where he will discuss how a bowl he crafted changed the course of history. 102 more words


Who knew dinosaurs had feathers? Prairie Fire set to open new exhibit

Mark Norell, Chairman of Paleontology for the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, credited with discovering that dinosaurs had feathers among many other things, spoke with FOX 4’s Matt Stewart on Thursday from Prairie Fire where a new exhibit is set to open to the public on Friday. 15 more words