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Thoreau once said that the mass of men lead lives with quiet desperation.
I feel that this is true.
I feel that I am in this state – 37 more words

Tips on how to organize the playroom

Former preschool teacher Eliza Cantley shares tips on how to organize your child’s playroom. 15 more words


LEGO Star Wars Days held this weekend

All about Legos, Star Wars style. Event details below.

LEGO Star Wars Days
September 20 & 21, 2014!

Activities Include:

501st legion meet and greet… 50 more words


LittleHoots app captures those memorable kid moments

It’s an app for parents. LittleHoots captures those funny moments with their kids. Created by locals Lacey Ellis and Stephanie Lashley, LittleHoots is now available. Learn more by watching their segment below. 13 more words


Self pity

Like prisoners, they line up one after the other waiting to enter space. Mind, body and soul. A thought, an image, a song, a movie scene and you feel the corners of your mind opening up to the clawing need of self pity. 461 more words

September 17, 2014/I'm About to Explode

You know I really ticks me off? When I have to fight school traffic just because my sister missed her school bus for goofing off and wasting time. 223 more words

My Life