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Follow the White Rabbit...

So…I had a dream…as most of my dreams go it was rather unusual…the most unusual part was that I acutally remembered any part of the dream at all… and then for days afterward … up until today as a matter of fact…I have been noticing things…white things mostly…alllllll around me. 1,296 more words

Introducing: The Superfly Pied!

So pleased to announce this girl has joined the JKR family. She hatched right here from 2014 Clutch #22. When I first saw her in the egg, I thought she was high white because her pattern was barely visible.. 74 more words

Morph Photos


Silhouettes dancing
Shadows shifting and morphing
Burning beach bonfire


Spoiler Talk

I know they’ve been out for a while but in case you haven’t seen them here is a link to the newest spoilers for Khans of Tarkir… 345 more words

From Cel to CGI: Animation as the Protean Medium

In the early 1940s Sergei Eisenstein wrote a series of articles on the animated cartoons and films of Walt Disney, (published as Eisenstein on Disney… 1,479 more words

Burdening my Baby

As I sit here rocking my baby I realize that I am happy and healthy due to him! That’s a huge burden on him. Good thing he is so young. 154 more words