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Flashed Face Distortion Effect

The flashed face distortion effect is a pretty cool and rather creepy optical illusion. If you show two ordinary faces side by side with a gap in between them, then rapidly change the images and stare at a cross in the centre, the faces morph into grotesque versions of themselves. 43 more words


All Kinds of Magic (12) - Chapter Five - End of the Tunnels


(It takes me a bit to get back to the boys.

Sure, I know it’s important to help them. It is very important to stop the End of Times. 1,202 more words


Simple Morphing Search

A simple effect idea for a search input that morphs into a fullscreen overlay. The idea is to enlarge the search input and show some relevant content or search results. 12 more words

Visual dubs and morphing characters

Incredible metamorphing characters and visuals by Adrian Halpern, with dub music to match.

Adrian Halpern is an artist from USA who does commission work, surface design, album cover art work, video/animation among others. 25 more words


Alexander Cooke

Materials and techniques: The materials used are predominantly Sterling Silver and Silicon/Plastic Pastry Brushes. I chose these materials to morph two unlike objects into one. I have added pearls, gold and palladium to the objects to give highlights or to give them different characters and divulge into identifying them as different species. 204 more words


The Difference Between a Dum Dum and A Hot Tamale

Raise your hand if you’ve ever made an ass of yourself after a few drinks with your pals. I have both hands raised, for the record. 579 more words