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Alexander Cooke

Materials and techniques: The materials used are predominantly Sterling Silver and Silicon/Plastic Pastry Brushes. I chose these materials to morph two unlike objects into one. I have added pearls, gold and palladium to the objects to give highlights or to give them different characters and divulge into identifying them as different species. 204 more words


The Difference Between a Dum Dum and A Hot Tamale

Raise your hand if you’ve ever made an ass of yourself after a few drinks with your pals. I have both hands raised, for the record. 579 more words

Morphing Dust Into Glory

Patiently I’d waited for and her gentleman friend to make their way down the main corridor of this assisted living “hotel” as some residents call it. 778 more words


Rosie's name

Circa 2010, for a drawing class and for Maggie, my sister. I wanted to show what went through my mind in naming Rosie, the best pug we ever had. 17 more words

Ixidor Reality Sculptor Discussion 10/20

IT’s Morphing Time! Is one thing I think when looking at one of the Legendary cards from Onslaught. Ixidor Reality Sculptor is a unique card in that he is extremely situational. 443 more words

Magic: The Gathering

sketchup c++ api reading skp file

I’d like to open a sketchup model in c++. I downloaded the sdk, compiled the example, however, when I try to run it, it doesn’t read any face, model name, nothing. 74 more words

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