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Silhouettes dancing
Shadows shifting and morphing
Burning beach bonfire


Spoiler Talk

I know they’ve been out for a while but in case you haven’t seen them here is a link to the newest spoilers for Khans of Tarkir… 345 more words

From Cel to CGI: Animation as the Protean Medium

In the early 1940s Sergei Eisenstein wrote a series of articles on the animated cartoons and films of Walt Disney, (published as Eisenstein on Disney… 1,495 more words

Burdening my Baby

As I sit here rocking my baby I realize that I am happy and healthy due to him! That’s a huge burden on him. Good thing he is so young. 154 more words

More Morph!

Okay, coming so soon after Top 10 reasons why Muppeteering is the future, I may seem like I can’t make up my mind with Claymation, I do want to do more of it, but when you get inspired you just have to go with the flow, and the return of the popular character from Tony Hart’s Kids shows is reason enough, which is my excuse and I am sticking to it, if you don’t’ mind! 37 more words

Raves N Rants