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Another post? Really?

I’m gonna post again… Just because I’m bored and feel like I want to… and because, well, well fuck I don’t have to explain my reasons. 574 more words

The Comic of LOL

Loordes of london are taking part in The Comic Fashion Fair that still has a week to run. As always there is an abundance of items for you to choose from and all well thought out and textured. 165 more words


Dr. Max Gomez: Study Says Childhood Codeine Use Could Come With Lethal Results

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — Codeine is one of the most commonly prescribed narcotic painkillers, but it is potentially lethal to children.

Still, it is frequently given to kids for pain and to stop a cough. 396 more words


Boogie Down Productions – 30 days of Songs That Make You Move

Day Fifteen

If you are not a fan of Morphine you have been really missing out on a great band.  Though they are no longer around, their music continues to stay the course.   43 more words

Boogie Down

I sold my !soul in the name of Fashion

While over at !soul i took a look at the regular items on sale  am please to report that the price range is 60/99 lindens. This is good news for those like myself on a tight budget. 124 more words


Can you say Monochromatic sure i know you can

The  Monochromatic Fair has just started . So what does  Monochromatic mean? It describes paintings, drawings, design, or photographs in one color or shades of one color. 63 more words


Make me Purr

Purring to me is an expression of absolute contentment, and yes, I am a cat lover.  A cat’s purr has been said to vibrate at a frequency that can actually heal bones, and cats purr not only when contented, but also when frightened or in pain, kicking off endorphins to heal and calm themselves and everyone around them. 177 more words