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Avoid morphine after tonsillectomies in kids

TORONTO – Children who have had their tonsils removed because they have obstructive sleep apnea should be given ibuprofen not morphine for pain after the surgery, a new study suggests. 640 more words


‘Working is about to get a lot easier’: Scientists discover a protein in coffee that has effects similar to morphine

It’s nice to see scientists finally applying their smarts to something useful. Like, how to genetically modify coffee to make it even more awesome:

Brazil finds…

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New painkiller found in coffee – stronger than morphine .

Coffee contains a protein that has an effect similar to morphine, specialists at the University of Brasilia and Brazilian agriculture research company Embrapa have discovered. Moreover, the new substance’s effect lasts longer. 279 more words


A Rainy day


Hair : *Alice Project* Mary – Basics Brown 

Skin : *Morphine: Juliana Peach Skintone (Skye/Brown w/ CL)

Eyes : The Skin You’re In TSYI… 82 more words


Powerful poppies!

by Jemma

This blog post is going to focus on a particularly interesting plant called Papaver somniferum, more commonly known as the opium poppy. Not only does this plant have a fascinating medicinal history, it also impacted heavily on us socially. 748 more words

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Morphine Introduction

Morphine, C17H19NO3, is the a lot of abounding of opium’s 24 alkaloids, accounting for 9 to 14% of opium-extract by mass. Named afterwards the Roman god of dreams, Morpheus, who aswell became the god of slumber, the biologic morphine, appropriately enough, numbs pain, alters affection and induces sleep. 165 more words

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Morphine Descriptions

Morphine is acclimated to abate abstinent to astringent pain. It belongs to the accumulation of medicines alleged analgesic analgesics (pain medicines). Morphine acts on the axial afraid arrangement (CNS) to abate pain. 159 more words

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