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If I’m in a strange city or even in my own I always feel more comfortable and relaxed in the red light districts

If I’m in a strange city, or even in my own, I always feel more comfortable and relaxed in the red light districts. Even if I’m drinking in a normal pub, I like it to be next to a strip club, I feel so much more at ease. 82 more words

Uses expand for drug developed at UChicago

In the United States, powerful opioid-based pain relievers are taken by more than 1.5 million people who suffer from advanced illness such as cancer. Although morphine and related compounds are the gold standard for pain relief, these drugs produce significant side effects. 825 more words

At The Bench

Weimar Germany, Part 1: Intoxicating Metropolis

Today, as in all revolutionary times, when the existence of the individual trembles to the roots, when life and death are separated by a hair, the ecstasy of delirium and dance sprouts up as if in search of mass narcosis.

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Surfacing from the depths, I’m jolted into awareness.  There’s a mask on my face and I can’t breathe.  There are bright lights and voices and everything hurts.  267 more words

Dispensary/Chemist/Pharmacy/Farmacia/Drug Store: what do you call it?

Whatever name you use, I think (hope) the place you go to get medicine, etc., isn’t quite like this.

The photos are from the wonderful Herberton Village Museum. 43 more words



Pain hurts. Whether it be physical, mental or emotional, pain is something most people try to avoid. But is that wise? Running from distress does nothing to end it. 374 more words


The Elephant

A trip to Mayo revealed
suspicious growths on his lungs.
A lifetime smoker,
at eighty-six he did not need to
be told what that meant. 154 more words