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Morrigan Rising

I’ve mentioned in a couple posts that I’ve been having problems with anger and a short fuse, lately. I tried dealing with this Athena’s way and tried to creative whenever something started bothering me. 532 more words

Morrigan Hymn #5

Dark lady, you whisper in my ear.

Witch queen, you whisper:

Weave magic into the wind

And carry it to the far places.

Feel the lamia writhing in your blood. 121 more words


Spiritual Frustrations

So, I had a dream last night that my altar split open. A space opened up between the statues of Athena and Bast, and a statue of Osiris rose up. 348 more words

Tarah Rex - Morrigan

Cosplayer: Tarah Rex
Character: Morrigan
From: Dragon Age Inquisition


AMV Roundup! Dragon Age Origins-Black Black Heart

If I had to pick a tone to represent Morrigan from Dragon Age, this video is pretty much it. Dark, sexy and little damaged, Morrigan is a fascinating character. 82 more words


Remember Who You Are

It started ten years ago. The voice. It whispered at me like the voice in Field of Dreams. Remember who you are…. It’s taken this long to really start understanding what that meant and still means. 326 more words


Morrigan felt exceptionally good once she had gotten up. She was a little disappointed that Malcolm had left, but she couldn’t blame him. They had… 1,007 more words

The Sims 4