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Rising above, yet remaining humbled and grateful.

The full moon is upon us and a strong and wonderful one she is this time. The blood moon, a lunar eclipse tomorrow and huge changes in the weather. 401 more words

of horses and books

I hate to just willy nilly ignore the outs and abouts.. jumping right in and out of PBP, but here I go anyways. I received the email (I still greatly enjoy exploring the posts) and this week was the letter H. 767 more words

Pagan Blog Project

It's April, and I want to tell you about my daughter.

I know I haven’t finished telling you about my father. We’re almost there. I figure two more posts ought to do it. But for now, I want to take a detour and talk about my daughter, the girl who gave April back to me. 1,104 more words


Oweynagcat cave,County Roscommon , Into the Underworld.

Oweynagat caves, County Roscommon
Landscape Photography Nigel Borrington

Oweynagat Cave

Oweynagat or the ‘Cave of Cats’ has to be one of the more unusual and unique sites in Ireland. 422 more words


Dragon Age: Origins and the Evolution of My Ideal Fantasy Heroine


This post contains spoilers for the BioWare RPG “Dragon Age: Origins.” If you have not played the game and intend to do so, do not continue unless you don’t mind major plot spoilers. 1,184 more words


Canción a la Morrigan

Esta es la letra de una canción que yo compuse para la Morrigan para mi dedicación. Por el momento esta en ingles pero ya la traduciré al español, se las dejo para aquellos que quieran alguna referencia para crear la suya propia o para una invocación. 207 more words

Dioses Y Diosas

Day Two: Tuatha Dé Danann

There’s a black feather floating on the wind

Gasp it in, sigh it out

Breath of blood, hot iron in my nostrils

Suck it in, steam it out… 86 more words