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Dragon Age: Inquisition News

Back in April I posted the 10 things in DA:I that I’m existed for, it’s been 3 months & E3 has happened and there has been a TON of new DA:I information released, so I thought I’d add another 4 things to my list. 701 more words

Opinion By Rachel

The Morrigan and Altar Decor

For the past few months it has become almost impossible for me to ignore the call of The Morrigan. Her Crows came to me in both meditations and in real life, accompanied by vivid dreams and synchronicities that left me with no doubt that I had to take heed.   234 more words

Embodying the Wild, Confronting Death

I was just pointed, by way of Rhyd Wildermuth’s post on climate change, to Peter Gray’s “Rewilding Witchcraft.” Here are a couple¬†of the best quotes: 792 more words


Fatigue and its nasty little friend, Guilt.

“Mom, don’t you want to come play with me?”

Her despondence cut through the fog, and I opened my eyes.

That’s right. She asked me to go into her room with her to play with her stuffed animals. 33 more words


The Morrigan?

I’m supposed to be asleep and yet I feel charged to write this blog… right now (“Do it! Do it now! NOW!!!” Whispers the Voice- … 451 more words


Life of A Morrigan Devotee

June 28th changed my life, as it was when I pledged my life to Morrigan, for as long as she saw fit, even if that is until my death. 124 more words


Sometimes A Dark Goddess


Sometimes a dark goddess raises in your heart,

And your lavender fields turn poppy red.

And she asks you to take your sword, that sword yield… 326 more words