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Playing Fighting Games When You're Just Not Good Enough

Are you sick of being terribleĀ at fighters, yet still find yourself wanting to play them? Well, you’re not alone!

Street Fighter

This Week in Videogame History: A shoutout to our favorite asian warlords, a birthday, and we all get a little [M] for Mature.

So, in exchange for running a little late, why don’t we branch out a bit?

July 25th, 1978 – Koei is founded. Koei leapt into the limelight with Nobunaga’s Ambition in 1983 and found continued success with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dynasty Warriors, and Samurai Warriors games. 240 more words


Infinite Respawncast - Who Watches The Sleeping Dogs?

Hello everyone. Another episode, this time with a new addition to the crew: Braden Jackson. Join Tyler, Braden, Jeff, and IĀ this week as we talk about dogs, bros, vampires, wrestlers, hedgehogs, and the darkest of souls. 20 more words



In Armageddon I use to enjoy the specials such as you had to do a fifteen hit combo using all three off his fighting styles and until you do it you can go no further… 11 more words


Mortal Kombat (1995)

Video game-based movie adaptations were in their early years during the mid 1990’s. Super Mario Bros. only led to other box office fodder like Street Fighter and Double Dragon. 514 more words