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Mortal Kombat - Evolution of Scorpion and Subzero

I really love the MK series. Its probably my favorite game series.  I made these as two separate sets, and decided to combine them to show an “evolution” of the character design. 18 more words


MK 2011

Scorpion and Subzero from the Mortal Kombat 2011 game. 8×10 frames. I still don’t like Subzero.  You can buy this Mortal Kombat set here


MK 2011

From the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3  game, Scorpion and Subzero. Scorpion is my favorite. No one cares about Subzero. This can be purchased here

Video Games


Scorpion is my favorite character from the MK series.  I made this frame (and a couples other MK ones that’ll be posted soon). Lovelovelovelove.


Someone Made 'Real-Life Spider-Man Web-Shooters' And They're Something Out Of Mortal Kombat

We will eventually get to a point in human technology where we have the tools of superheroes at our disposal. We will fly to work on repulsors, have cars that can bash through pretty much anything, and, of course, swing around on synthetic spider-webs. 174 more words


Injustice:Gods Among Us

I like fighting games, and I like DC Comics a lot more. But when you combine those two together, you get this awesome game. This game was created by the same guy who created Mortal Kombat. 228 more words

Mortal Monday: Finishers, Finishers, Finishers.

Several weeks ago I used Mortal Monday as a way to show my appreciation for my ten most favorite finishing moves of all time.  The thing is, as any self-respecting Mortal Kombat fan knows, the MK universe is comprised of much more than decapitation punches.  623 more words

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