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Death of humanity

Piece by piece, pieces fall off the sky
Deep into the ground, buried with grief
No amount of roaring skies could silence
The noise of parents silently graved with grief. 55 more words


Man is Mortal

By- Pijush Kanti Deb

In my soft childhood
my father, teachers and others-
all were hard in saying to me,
‘’Man is mortal’’,
I accepted… 96 more words


why is your humor so pretentious oh mortal,why isn’t it funny???

Sargent “Dr Thomas on Adam’s Temptation” The Christadelphian Volume 106, 1969, page 124

“The quality of being “very good” is therefore not peculiar to the man, nor does it bear some special significance for him; as “a beast of the field” it must include the serpent. 169 more words


Sargent “Adam in Innocence” The Christadelphian Volume 78, page 12-14 (1941)

The difficulty arises not from any lack of essential clarity in Dr. Thomas’s thought, but from an ambiguity in the term “mortal”. The word “immortal” is taken to mean “incapable of death”; and “mortal” might be expected to mean its simple opposite, “capable of death”: whereas in fact it is used in the sense of “subject to death, destined to die”—a more restricted meaning which has the support of dictionaries. 615 more words


Brother Roberts. “Notes on the Mystery of Godliness” Volume 6 page 242-243 1869

Again he changed his mind later….

“My explanation is, first, as to ‘ran in the blood,’ ‘made sin,’ &c. Adam, before transgression, though a living soul (or natural body—1 Cor. 323 more words


Bro Thomas, ‘Catechesis’ on the nature of Adam (1866)

  1. What was “the first man Adam,” and where did he come from?

Ans. He was dust “formed into a living soul,” and came “out of the ground” (Gen. 430 more words