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Poem 340 - Caduca Despice

Caduca Despice

Look down on a fallen thing

I am but dull matter, but I think of the sky,
The sky that has seen my ancestors’ eternity…

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I wanted you to see me, not because of some inert vanity, but because I’d like to stop being invisible.

As most walk their path in life, they hone their identity, create a vision, cast a form, 49 more words


Advanced Instruction In Healing (1/5)

1959 New York Closed Class

Tape 293 Side 1

Advanced Instruction In Healing


By Joel Goldsmith

Part 1 of 5


        Good evening. Well, the students in the other parts of the world that’ll be hearing these tapes soon will have to know that I wasn’t talking to myself. 1,233 more words


Poem 338 - Ae Sterna Respice

Ae Sterna Respice

Look upon eternity

I obey the command – it is impossible for gods
To see all the worlds and stars without weeping…

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Sea Sprite Flight

The sea sprite sped off, leaving me behind
I follow on jet ski, fast on her wake
She danced upon the waves, form sublime
I serpentine after, hungry sea snake… 76 more words


“ Held Time ” ~ in puerile mind ~

I’d thought of time

Held in puerile mind,

Was fated to decide

Meant so be mine,

Though illogical to define

Fixed to hold together,

Exceeds the boundary… 22 more words

My Poetry

A Wise Man I'm Not

A wise man I’m not

I’m foolish and foolhardy

When least opportune

This is my mortal nature

That even booksmarts can’t cure

It isn’t so bad– 24 more words