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How Low Can They Go: With Mortgage Interest Rates Being As They Are Lately, Should You Refinance?

Do you have a mortgage? You’ve likely seen or heard a lot about mortgage refinancing, since interest rates have remained low in recent months.

In today’s blog post we’ll explore the topic of mortgage refinancing, including when you should consider refinancing and how to take advantage of low interest rates. 449 more words

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Mortgage elements are simple--and there to protect you

By Dale Lewis

With interest rates at historic lows, you’ve probably heard the message: Now is a wonderful time to buy or refinance a home. 707 more words

The Re-entrance of Millennials Buying Real Estate

The housing market continued to stabilize, even as 2014 rounded out and as leases came due for the next year’s renewal, Zillow predicted that the under-35 set will be running the real estate buying show this year. 376 more words

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How to get down payment help on your first home

For many first-timers, the biggest obstacle to home ownership is the required down payment. That’s why down payment assistance programs were created. Consider that a family trying to buy a $200,000 house (which is pretty modest in many locations) will probably need three percent to 20 percent down. 786 more words

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The Three Truths of Home Buying

Most of us associate homeownership with freedom. Owning the roof over our heads is a matter of accomplishment and pride. Owning the walls around us means we can paint, wallpaper, tile, texture, and decorate however and whenever we want. 777 more words

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How to Research The History of a Home

Before you buy a home – you might want to know its history. It will take some digging around, but doing some footwork upfront might save you from issues later. 363 more words


To Refinance or Not, That Is the Question.

Rates have continued to decline over the last month, reaching lows that have not seen in over two years. It could pay dividends to evaluate your mortgage financing options and potentially take advantage of future savings. 223 more words