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Here’s How Long It Will Take to Get a Mortgage

Banks are asking for a lot of documents these days, so don’t assume the process will be speedy.

You’re scrolling the online listings, looking for houses… 896 more words

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How to Buy a Home That’s Guaranteed to Increase in Value

You’ve spent years preparing for this day. You’re debt-free with a healthy emergency fund and plenty of cash for a down payment. It’s finally time to buy your dream home. 792 more words

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Have you been mis-sold your mortgage?

Though it may seem as though PPI mis-selling has been going on for a lifetime, it is a fairly new form of mis-selling. Something that has always been an issue, however, is the mis-selling of mortgages. 465 more words

Mis-sold Mortgages And Investments

Getting a Mortgage Easy Loan If You Have Good Credit

Mortgage Loan you are maybe thinking at this moment that on the grounds that you have a terrible credit, there is no chance you can get a home advance. 354 more words

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Mortgage Easy Loan Modification Loan - How to Take Control of Your Home Loan Condition

Easy mortgage loan one of the most current patterns to hit our shores is that of home loan change advance. This is to a great extent accommodating to the mortgage holders based all over USA who are not able to pay off their month to month contract installments. 332 more words

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Top Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re getting ready to buy a home, you will most likely be required to obtain an inspection. This is a very important part of the home buying process – as it’s your one chance to make sure there aren’t any detrimental issues with the house you’re getting ready to buy. 341 more words

Should I Pay More Points for a Lower Interest Rate?

Over the past year, as interest rates have remained low, and lending requirements have softened a bit, many consumers have explored purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing home loan. 264 more words