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The best burgers in town.

I’ve been to a few burger joints in Hong Kong, and while places like Caliburger (basically a copy of In-N-Out) or the Butcher’s Club serve up┬átasty, beefy meals, they come with a heavy price tag. 316 more words

Hong Kong

Reverse Engineering Unobtanium

If you listen to and the rest of the Commodore crew, you’ll quickly realize the folks behind Commodore were about 20 years ahead of their time, with their own chip foundries and vertical integration that would make the modern-day Apple jealous. 318 more words

Classic Hacks

Photos from 'Amsterdamse Bos' and some garden photos

While in the Netherlands we generally don’t consider our forests very exciting (it lacks bears, tigers, trees the size of skyscrapers … oh and some pinguins would be cool!), when you look a bit harder and pay attention to the smaller stuff, there is plenty of cool things to see.

Everyday Life

MOS bersama Suster SPM

Hari-hari awal tahun ajaran baru biasanya diisi dengan kegiatan Masa Orientasi Sekolah (MOS). Pada tahun ini, tanggal 14-16 Juli 2014 sekolah-sekolah yang dikelola para Suster SPM mengadakan kegiatan MOS. 129 more words


MOS, Masa Orientasi Siswa, Masih Penting?

Minggu ini, adikku resmi jadi murid SMP. Kemarin dia menyiapkan berbagai macam peralatan MOS yang aneh-aneh. Misalnya: Topi kerucut biru setinggi tangan ke atas bertuliskan ‘Woles, I love Justin Bieber’, Name Tag merah muda berbentuk hati yang ada foto 3×4 keliatan giginya tapi tidak boleh berekspresi, dan tas karung beras bersketsa wajahnya -yang baunya dan joroknya… 231 more words

My Diary

Meeting Rising Demand for Energy has Never Been this Sustainable

From insights Spring / Summer 2014

As appeared in Volume 42 Issue 3/4 of Scandinavian Oil & Gas magazine. Reprinted with permission.

The demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel has rapidly increased, largely due to substantial price disparities between diesel fuel and low priced natural gas, increased penalties for flaring and the expanding global shale gas development. 877 more words


Mosey on Down to Mo's

This week I was invited to dinner at Mo’s which is a comfortable restaurant with cute design features open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is very much American Diner. 352 more words