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The Marrow of Modern Divinity and the Recent Republication Issue.

Someone on the Puritanboard wanted to know how the view of Republication contained in the Marrow of Modern Divinity measured up.

He asked, “I have some questions in regards to Republication in the book Marrow of Modern Divinity. 763 more words

Law And Gospel

Typology and the Mosaic Covenant

Typology is one of the tools employed today to articulate and defend the idea that God established a works (as opposed to a gracious) covenant with Israel at Mount Sinai.  602 more words

Mosaic Covenant

July 2

July 2


“What then was the purpose of the Law?”
Galatians 3:19


The purpose of the law was to develop a huge expectation and desire for… 1,164 more words

Old Testament

Why I Was Drawn Into The Nuanced Republication and Mosaic Covenant Study

If anyone is interested, I first was drawn to this issue of Republication and the Mosaic Covenant as a person who was a Reformed Baptist for 30 years.   1,714 more words

The Covenant of Grace, The Sinaitic and the New

The Covenant of Grace, The Sinaitic and the New
Drs. J van Gunderen and W. H. Velema
Concise Reformed Dogmatics pp. 548-550 P&R 2008

3. … 1,090 more words

Covenant Of Grace