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April 18 - Choices

Acts 7:1-22; Deuteronomy 29-30; Job 18

The time has come and Moses is saying his farewells. He’s led the Israelites out of Egypt and on their 40 year journey across and around the desert. 340 more words

Devotional Thoughts

April 18 - OT Reading


Today we recognize Good Friday with “Journey to the Cross” at the church. Invite your “8-15″, pray for them, come with them…

Sunday we celebrate the resurrection! 2,151 more words



Exodus 10:21-23
“Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Stretch out your hand toward the sky so that darkness will spread over Egypt—darkness that can be felt.’  So Moses stretched out his hand toward the sky, and total darkness covered all  218 more words


"Choose Life"

At a climactic moment of his preaching career, Moses stood before the descendants of Israel and said to them, “I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.   781 more words

Holy Week

The Glory Moses Beheld (Exodus 33)

“Then the Lord said, “Behold, there is a place by Me, and you shall stand there on the rock;” (Exodus 33:21)

God granted to Moses his heartfelt petition, “

751 more words

الجزائر - إغلاق صناديق الاقتراع في انتخابات الرئاسه ومؤشرات على تقدم بوتفليقه بفارق كبير

أغلقت صناديق الاقتراع في الانتخابات الرئاسية الجزائرية، مساء الخميس، بعد أن أدلى الناخبون بأصواتهم لاختيار رئيس للبلاد من بين 6 مرشحين، أبرزهم الرئيس الجزائري الحالي عبد العزيز بوتفليقة



You shall observe the Feast of Matzot. For seven days shall you eat matzot as I commanded you, at the appointed time during the Month of Spring. 512 more words