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Numbers 26

Numbers 26 has Moses taking another census of the people.  Some 38 years earlier, at the beginning of the book of Numbers, God had them do the same.  303 more words

Arlin Sorensen

The Burning Tree


I was outside with my dog I was noticing how the sun was lighting up the trees (you can see the bright orange in the background as well). 220 more words

Exploring the New Land!

We have been talking about agreement in last several posts. Last time we talked about the importance of coming into agreement corporately, before moving forward. Today we are looking at moving forward corporately! 460 more words


Numbers 25

Numbers 25 is a very strong story of God’s wrath.  “The people began to whore with the daughters of Moab”.  In other words, they were playing loose and free with God’s commandments.  465 more words

Arlin Sorensen

Impressions of opening day. and a date.

Yesterday, I had a special day of lectures and preparation to our studies. The principal talked about using materials as spiritual tools. If you use them in a good spirit and have a positive energy- you can ‘fix’ the material and let it reach its perfection. 405 more words

Labor Pains


As has often been pointed out in any study of the Ten Commandments, the first four deal with our relationship to God and our responsibilities toward Him. 726 more words