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Photo of the Week: Waiting For a Meeting

A typical moment in my day: Amani and i are waiting in the car for a meeting to start. As an NGO, we often meet with other NGO’s and village executives to exchange new ideas, but some days it seems like we’re the only ones who are on time


Old school love

Today in Swedish class we did a test-run National Prov writing test (National Prov are tests at the end of each level to see if you can advance to the next class). 902 more words


Mainland - Getting Where You're Going

After finishing our language classes, we had some time to ourselves. Meghan and I decided to travel to Moshi, a small town near Kilimanjaro and subsequently near the border of Kenya and Tanzania. 1,415 more words


An Asian concept

This is a totally random and spur of the moment post about a concept that seems to only exist in Asia: the idea of 孝順 (xiào shùn). 275 more words


Help me help Good Hope

Today I must ask for help where from wherever it is possible. Today I ask for personal sponsorship of my time in Tanzania, the organisation and its team.   567 more words


The Road to Kilimanjaro. Part One.

Last week, I moved to Moshi, Tanzania. Moshi is a relatively small town defined by its proximity to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, and coffee plantations. The coffee is divine – smooth, full of taste but not bitter. 1,504 more words


Body cakes and the worst thing a Swede can eat…

Unfortunately, today’s post will not exactly be singing and praising the greatness that is Sweden’s food. I’ve been struggling to think… what do I love about Swedish food? 490 more words