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Volunteer Anette

Today we welcome our new volunteer Anette from Switzerland!
She is going to work as a physiotherapist at Mawenzi Hospital in Moshi for six weeks and will stay in our volunteer hostel. 73 more words

Catch my disease ...

Catch it! (Did anyone else think that song was weird? Catch My Disease by Ben Lee – so cheerful, but slightly gross?)

Anyway, I speak of diseases because ChivChiv and I have been sick as dogs this week thanks to a lovely virus that seems to be going around. 94 more words


Sorteo Colgante Moshi Decoden & Vintage

Si te gustan los nuevos colgantes de Moshi Decoden & Vintage participa en el sorteo que podrás encontrar en el perfil de Facebook:


A trip to Malta

How dark it’s gotten nowadays in ye olde Sveden! It’s not even 5pm and it’s nearly pitch black. Daylight savings ended on Sunday at 3am so … … 946 more words


Eleven Random Facts About Me and Why

Good Morning World.

I planned to continue my fairy story tale today but something occurred which after great deliberation I feel I must respond to; 1,146 more words


Mount Kilimanjaro Climb - I MADE IT! 🎉

Climbing Kilimanjaro was one of the hardest, but easily the most rewarding thing I have ever had to do!

I left on the 29th of August, flying through Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and landing in Nairobi, Kenya to drive down to Moshi, Tanzania. 653 more words

Culture Shock in Sweden: Part 3 of 3

Here we are, Part 3 of 3, here at the end of all things! This has been an epic trilogy … who knew Sweden was so cultural and shocking? 453 more words