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Culture Shock in Sweden: Part 3 of 3

Here we are, Part 3 of 3, here at the end of all things! This has been an epic trilogy … who knew Sweden was so cultural and shocking? 453 more words


Gay-Proofing and More Culture Shock in Sweden: Part 2 of 3

Good day duckies! For the Swedes, welcome to höstlov (autumn holiday). Let’s make this grey and rainy Monday better with some more culturally shocking experiences to be had in Sweden. 386 more words


Home Camp and the greatest waterbottle ever

Home Camp is the brain child of a French friend of a French friend of mine, which is for both travellers and locals. The locals can register their back or front yards to be bookable by travellers who are happy as Larry to travel on the cheap and camp out for their form of accommodation. 29 more words


trek day one and two

Trek Day One:
If I am honest, I was pretty confident about day one, i figured this would be the easiest day and I would have enough energy to get through it happily and easily. 517 more words

'Every Poo need's a Loo'

I have just discovered the notepad that I took to Africa with me, I didn’t use it regularly like a diary, but what I did do was write down a list of things that I wanted to remember. 581 more words

Culture Shock in Sweden: Part 1 of 3

Let the record show that Sweden isn’t the land of perfect, tall blondies that so many people stereotypically think of. Not everyone is tall, or blonde, and no one at all is perfect, I tells ya. 517 more words


Day of Leisure before the Hike

Upon arriving in kilimanjaro we gathered our bags and met our hotel driver. There was a 45 minute drive ahead of us to Springlands Hotel which was located in Moshi. 499 more words