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I must be climbing trees, living in a Chagga homestay and delivering school supplies to remote underprivileged children.

Our house of volunteers decided that we needed a little ‘family getaway’ and to get of Arusha and out of the house. Despite living in a small mansion we were all in need of some breathing space. 1,247 more words

Future of Lukey's Moshi Site & New Secret Code!

Hey monsters!

Our views have been going up a lot lately! Woo! I will start to post more now and I will be able to have a Willow contest soon AND a Lubber contest! 211 more words

Moshi Monsters

Yes Virginia, there IS a bubble-less screen protector!

Picture it (I’m sure you can):  me, sitting at my desk.  I’ve purchased a box of two screen protectors for my phone, to replace the current version that has developed all sorts of scratches, dings and chips as well as two mysterious blobby bubble things that weren’t there a couple of days ago and have no apparent cause.   506 more words

The Lady Behind the Veil

She plays coyly with the eager visitor, hiding her majesty and beauty behind a cloud cover for most of the day. She rewards only those who are prepared to get out of bed early enough to see her peeking out from her veil of clouds, or if you are lucky, in the late afternoon just before sunset. 528 more words

On Life


I really am. Whatever other people think of Apple, I just generally kind of ignore. I mean I love their stuff – if I had the money I’d probably use Apple devices as my ‘daily drivers’. 346 more words