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Cats Moshing To A Day To Remember Will Probably Be The Best Part Of Your Day

Cats rule the internet. It was only a matter of time until they ruled the mosh pit.

These kittens break it down to A Day to Remember, and it’s the cutest mosh pit you’ll probably ever see in your life. 126 more words


51. Fucking Obnoxious Mosh Pit Kids

If you ever want to re-acquaint yourself with your own age, I would suggest checking Pollstar or BandsInTown and going to the next concert in your town. 827 more words


Moshing Pro Tips!

(I can’t feel my legs today. AND THAT’S A GOOD THING)

Yesterday I saw Rise Against at the Brixton Academy, exactly three years and a day since I last saw them at the Brixton Academy, and now having filled both the roles of petrified scrawny fifteen year old in over their head, and enthusiastic eighteen year old in over their head but now with moshing, I feel in a position to give you folks advice on how to enjoy what actually amounts to little more than an eardrum-splitting clothed orgy, and how to not be hospitalised in the process. 811 more words

Pro Tips!


This is a guest post from Crystal Sanchez and Meagan Baco. Thanks, Crystal and Meg!

Glitch art and data moshing, became the best way that we could illustrate what happens when historic buildings are left to demolition-by-neglect and also, when they are ruthlessly demolished. 350 more words

Glitch Art

Disrespectful Dancing: Clinging to the Edge of the Mosh Pit

Sway to the right, sway to the left. Uniform in motion and occasionally in style, the gentle dance that occurs in the pit can be a mesmerising experience, that is until a hurricane of hyper aggression cuts through the room; displacing the good time and good people. 125 more words