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She does art, Day 10 | Mosque doors

As AJ would call this: the disco version. He asked me why I always make my images look psychedelic before giving it their true colors. 51 more words

She Does Art



The most stunning mosque I have ever visited. Located in Abu Dhabi.


She does art, Day 9 | Beginnings of the mosque door

Mosque doors are very ornate and intricate. Fortunately the final print of each door will only be 6″ x 6″. I won’t have to put too much into the details. 24 more words

She Does Art


The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is a must visit for anyone who is planning to go to Dubai/UAE. It’s the mosque of all mosques. From its sheer size to the amount of detail they have spent doing the interiors, my jaw dropped from start till end. 47 more words


Malaysia (Melaka) : The Kampung Hulu Mosque

When the Portuguese captured Melaka back in 1511, all traces of the Melaka Sultanate with regards to its position as the centre of Malay civilization and culture were systematically wiped out. 1,116 more words


धर्म की दुहाई मत दो, ना बाँटो लोगों को;
मिलता है जो मंदिर में, वही मस्जिद में भी पाया जाता है।

यूँ ही / Just Like That..