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5 T's - Tip, Toss, Turn, Tarps & Treat

Now that the snow is gone, its time to clean up the yard for the spring.   Keep this in mind to help reduce the mosquito population in your yard for the season.

Mosquitoes Don't Stand a Chance with Birmingham's Toughest Treatment

Birmingham is blooming. Azaleas, dogwoods and tulips are popping up all over town. Birmingham is also buzzing. Have you heard it yet? It not, you will soon. 395 more words

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City Crews Mobilize on Mosquitoes

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City Crews Mobilize on Mosquitoes

City of Edmonton crews are ready to tackle this season’s nuisance mosquito population. Weather permitting, crews will begin treating standing water by helicopter within the City’s 1,400 square kilometer mosquito control boundary this week. 288 more words

Is There a Better Way to Control Mosquitoes and Ticks in Your New Hampshire Yard? You Bet!

With the mosquito and tick season gearing up, we have been receiving calls from happy customers renewing their services for the upcoming season. We have also received calls asking why our service is better than other mosquito control companies around the area. 636 more words

Mosquito Squad Of Southern New Hampshire

Mosquito Squad of Birmingham Wants You to Know That All Mosquito Protection is Not Created Equal

With the mosquito season gearing up quickly, we have noticed a number of new mosquito outfits popping up around the area and have been receiving numerous calls about the difference in our service. 797 more words

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Vendor Spotlight- Mosquito Squad of Diablo Valley

Mosquito Eliminator- Mosquito Squad

Outdoor weddings can embrace elements of nature and provide a surreal setting ideally suited for your special day. If you’ve had the privilege of attending an outdoor wedding you may remember the magnificence or you may remember the bites and rush to escape when uninvited mosquitoes crashed the wedding. 376 more words