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Good morning and Happy World Mosquito Day!

What is World Mosquito Day?

  1. An annually observed day every August 20, that commemorates British doctor Sir Ronald Ross‘s discovery in 1897 that female 
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The wet weather here has created a fantastic environment for mosquitoes! Man are they fierce this year! Big ones too, not just a lot of them, but some bigger than normal. 177 more words


SPECIAL EDITION: How concerned should we be about the mosquito-borne Chikungunya virus?

This just in from Jenny Marder, PBS News Hour:

“Last Thursday On Thursday, federal officials announced that the tropical Chikungunya mosquito-borne disease had been transmitted for the first time within the United States, infecting two Florida residents. 602 more words

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6 interesting facts about Dengue fever

1. Infected mosquitoes are able to pass on the dengue virus for the rest of their life (they won’t die like when bees sting you). When the mosquito feeds on the blood of a person infected with dengue, the virus enters and  254 more words

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Mosquito Squad: 100% Customer Satisfaction and Dr. Prescribed?

Recently we had a customer call us after a visit with her physician. She stated she was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and her physician mentioned the negative impact RA has on the immune system. 119 more words

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The Threat of West Nile Still Persists

It seems every summer, from the middle of July to the end of August, there is a reported case of West Nile virus in Maryland. It is almost as predictable as the rising and setting of the sun. 488 more words

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