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Aerial spraying for mosquitos Aug 23 - 30

Montgomery County has scheduled aerial spraying for mosquitos starting the evening of Saturday, August 23, 2014 and continuing through Saturday, August 30, 2014. According to the information received from Montgomery County, the spraying will cover approximately 240,000 acres that include Precinct 3 and portions of Precincts 2 and 4. 36 more words


Missing the mosquito net - Maria Wirth

“Lumbini was infested with mosquitoes. Though there was a mosquito net, it was almost impossible to get underneath without taking a bunch of mosquitoes in. There were some researchers in town who tried to find a solution to the malaria problem. 739 more words


Keep calm and get your vacunas: Información, recomendaciones, riesgos.

Si planeas un viaje por el sudeste asiático, seguramente sabes que hay amigos como la malaria, la fiebre tifoidea, la hepatitis A, el cólera, la encefalitis japonesa, etc. 1,051 more words


Get shorty...

I’m in Athens at the moment, visiting my parents, and these are all the shorts I brought…that are currently lounging uselessly in a cupboard, unable to be used as I have about 25 mosquito bites on my legs alone, and 2 weird patches of sunburn where my sunscreen obviously didn’t reach. 51 more words


Interesting Suprise

Every great once in a while you look at the newspaper when you take it out of the box and you are surprised. This morning was one of those mornings. 940 more words


Fact sheets about BTi.

Fact Sheets: BTi : An Alternative to Chemical Pesticides

Some people have been asking about what the actual product is that is distributed through the Mosquito Abatement program here in the LV. 221 more words


Sight Me: Mystery Alpha

In Spain at my cousins estate, I forgot to mention how many mosquito bites I’ve been getting lately. While I’m working at the Hotel Lindo’s pool, I keep getting bit all over my entire body. 228 more words

Alicia Rivera