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“Most Countries do not have much viral travel, particularly Botswana” random thought from a friend as we talk about the trip we just had to Kasane. 225 more words

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4/12/14 - Dog Park to Caton Farm

On Saturday, we hit the streets at the crack of noon. Chris and I met up in Joliet at the Van Horn Woods dog park and set out to clear a path along the Frontage road towards Caton Farm.   583 more words

Hit The Streets

Bugs and Blood

I am enjoying the conjuring weather today, it inspires me to create something with the cauldron. That is, until I hear the demon buzzing of a wasp overhead. 265 more words

The Shame of "Snookers"

There’s a rechargeable electric tennis racket that people use here for killing mosquitos. I’d write the name of it, but for the life of me I can’t decipher the letters written on the handle beyond the first letter, “K”. 712 more words

Back From Aferkah

July 1, 2008

I saw some hippos in Africa… they looked like this… well, something like this… except they weren’t green… or furry… and I don’t think they had spots… but other than that, this is pretty much exactly what they looked like… 364 more words

Dennis Jones

Try It Thursday...Spring, Which Means Bugs Are Out!

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love that Spring has finally sprung.Birds are out, flowers are blooming…and all the bugs are out.Not all bugs are a pain, but some of them (spiders, ants, & mosquitoes come to mind!) can be a real nuisance!I have this huge fear of spiders, honestly you just mention it and I get this creepy crawly, got to rub my arms, neck, and legs to make sure I am spider free.Ugh!So last year I really needed to find something to lessen the amount of spiders in my house, but at the same time I have 4 kids, so I really didn’t want to go the traditional route of sprays and bombs.I wanted something that could easily be applied and then forgotten about, but wasn’t something that made me afraid to have kids touching that surface. 333 more words

Mosquito Time

Surprisingly , even though it is quite warm in the swamp during the winter, bugs aren’t really an issue.  However , that  always seem to dramatically change in April.  64 more words