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High-End Vacationers Cancel Caribbean Trips Because of Chikungunya

Since last December, when the first two locally transmitted cases of chikungunya hit St. Martin, media hype added to the United States’ preexisting fear of exoticism, deterring tourists from travel to nearby islands. 831 more words

Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks

I have tried everything to keep the mosquitos away, even mosquito bushes, because my kids react to them more than most people. So i decided to try these mosquito sticks. 150 more words

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Two Minutes Hate: Mosquitos

In the Beginning God created heaven and earth. He then decided to make light and dark,  night and day, land and sea, somewhere in between he put animals, but not before putting dinosaurs and deciding to wipe them clean off the earth with volcanoes and a huge motherfucking asteroid 200 million years after putting them there. 302 more words


1 Million People Have a Disease You've Never Heard Of

It’s a tale scientists are tired of telling: a disease that’s been carefully watched and studied for years is suddenly infecting an unprecedented number of people while promising drugs and vaccines sit on shelved, unfunded. 660 more words

White and Blue

yet again
mosquitos and rain
in the trees


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Is this the best place and time to spread fear?

My favorite line, on this sign outside the bathroom, is “Avoid showing skin.” I know there were incidents of dengue fever from mosquitos in Yoyogi park in late summer. 21 more words

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A Typical Summer Evening with Miss Kris...

In my opinion Australian summers are the best! We have steamy days followed by the most incredible lightning storms one week and dry 49°C days the next. 545 more words