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A Day in the Life on World Tour - Zipolite, Oaxaca

We have been in Zipolite, Oaxaca now for a couple of weeks and have really settled into our little place, Tres Cabanas, quite well. Aside from our weekend trips and gatherings with Lindsey and Edgar (and our new friend Annie!), weekday life is pretty slow and similar actually to life back home in San Diego (without a job of course), except you wake up to roosters, everyone speaks Spanish, and the ocean is so warm you can stay in it for hours without a wetsuit! 929 more words

Latin America

6,500 KM CYCLE; DAY 43, Mantova

Day 43 Friday 13 July

Mantova. Rest Day Total 2530km

At quarter to five in the morning, while lying in the dark, I can hear arrivals on a bicycle through the pebbles, and milking beginning. 161 more words


Human Mosquito target of the year!

How come when a person tries to get blood from me, my veins hide and they can find nothing, yet these mosquito’s have it down to a tee?!   147 more words

Malaria/ Le paludisme

It’s malaria season in Chad. The rainy season is coming to an end and mosquitos have had time to proliferate with the combination of water and heat. 865 more words


Cinco Usos Que Se Le Pueden Dar A La Cerveza

5 Usos de la Cerveza

1. Callos de los Pies: La cerveza suaviza las callosidades de los pies. Mezcla igual partes de cerveza a temperatura ambiente y té de menta tibio. 118 more words


Arizona Suffers Mosquito Swarms Following Heavy Storms

Recent torrential rainstorms in Arizona have created the perfect conditions for a mosquito infestation that is plaguing Phoenix residents.

Maricopa County officials say they have received more than 10,000 complaints this year, which is almost double the rate for 2013, the Associated Press reports. 152 more words

Someone please import fly screens to France.

Here we are, travelling in beautiful Bretagne (Brittany). At this moment in Saint Laurent, staying in an old rural farmhouse, sipping on our locally produced rosé after a day of visiting some fantastic sights. 254 more words