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Back Pain Relief: What Can You Do?

Back pain is a common complaint found in over 80% of the population. Often it is difficult to determine the source of back pain because symptoms can be similar. 391 more words

Back Pain

somethingtrivial replied to your photo:My (third) Siege and Storm and Heir of Fire came…

are we just going to find your body buried in a pile of grisha copies?


Get That Cold Gone In 12 Hours

Colds can eventually turn into more serious conditions like sinusitis, chest infections or ear infections. A healthy lifestyle, while being the best defense against the virus, is not enough when you already have the bug. 1,416 more words

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How To Know If Your Child Is Pretending To Be Sick

Cold and flu are very common nowadays and kids are the first victims. Here are some tips to know if your kid has the bug or just simply faking it to get away from school. 853 more words

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W12_NALA_Rent or Purchase a Home in Singapore

1.    Problem Definition

In this paper, I will evaluate the economics of renting versus buying a home and living in it for five year in Singapore. 623 more words

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