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The Top 8 psychedelic drug scenes in video games

Once in a while, something truly crazy makes its way into a video game. More often than not, it provides a unique experience, but sometimes — on very rare occasions — game devs get cleared to take players on a “trip.” This is a great deviation from the general play style we quickly adapt to when picking up a new game. 1,196 more words


Mother 3 Chapter 7: Ambiguity and Concrete Goals

Chapter 7 is by far the longest chapter in Mother 3, and it is where most of the plot actually happens. It begins when you discover a person tied up on the bridge. 989 more words


Five Long Shots for the Wii U Virtual Console

Here are five Game Boy Advance games I hope will come to the Wii U Virtual Console as it picks up steam, even if I should know better.