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Relating back to movies, a few months ago I wrote a rough draft of a screenplay loosely based on Earthbound.  Whether you’ve played the game or not, I’d love to hear some feedback!   12 more words

I Don’t Cry – #2: MOTHER 3 [SPOILERS]

Alright, this isn’t a movie.  But it’s a game intelligent, sophisticated, and engaging enough that I consider it an equal of most great movies, and even a superior to some. 1,104 more words

Monday Mysteries: Those Wacky Mr. Saturns

The Mr. Saturns of Earthbound fame are weird creatures. This article is focused on a humorous speculation of their mysterious origins.

Tales From Gamespot: Games Nintendo Needs to Make

Original Post: July 23, 2012

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I was just going to plug in Pokemon Battle Revolution just to watch my Pokemon beat up on each other when I began to think about new directions the Pokemon series can go into. 1,181 more words


Daily Video Game Jam: 3/4/14

Today’s track comes from one of the most loved RPGs from the SNES:

Earthbound, or Mother 2 as it is know as in Japan, came out in the states in 1995. 139 more words