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Easily Offended

Or a better title might be: Why Don’t You Love What I Love?

Today was decidedly uncomfortable. I had a good time with my wife and child, playing and cooking and watching mindless television ( 956 more words

Comic Books!

Earthbound: Nintendo Strikes Back

On June 5th, 1995, Earthbound released for the Super Nintendo in North America. After an unsuccessful promotional campaign and lackluster sales, Nintendo came to consider the product a commercial failure. 1,672 more words

Video Games

The Top 8 psychedelic drug scenes in video games

Once in a while, something truly crazy makes its way into a video game. More often than not, it provides a unique experience, but sometimes — on very rare occasions — game devs get cleared to take players on a “trip.” This is a great deviation from the general play style we quickly adapt to when picking up a new game. 1,196 more words


Mother Lover: Jackie O

One of histories more famous first ladies is most often remembered for her beauty, grace, and love of Chanel. While those are all perfectly fine traits to posses, we admire her for something a bit more underrated: a cold shoulder and quick wit. 157 more words


A Room Of One's Own: A Book And A Bar

In college, I used to head to the local dive bar to study. Upon returning, there would inevitably be a raised brow when I would tell people where I’d been. 204 more words


Mother 3 Chapter 7: Ambiguity and Concrete Goals

Chapter 7 is by far the longest chapter in Mother 3, and it is where most of the plot actually happens. It begins when you discover a person tied up on the bridge. 989 more words


Five Long Shots for the Wii U Virtual Console

Here are five Game Boy Advance games I hope will come to the Wii U Virtual Console as it picks up steam, even if I should know better.