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Motherhood Humor

Introducing 100% pure & harmless motherhood humor with 18 awesome funsome mother and child chit-chats from the vintage era

Motherhood is packed with a list of emotions, mostly joy and happiness tops the chart followed by fear. 441 more words


Process 4: The joy of discovery...

Gentle touch

I have always sought out imagery in the world around me. I would drift into sleep with my eyes half open watching the figures dance across my bedroom curtains. 528 more words


Inside the Peshawar School

The Peshawar school must be reeking of pain and despair..

“My heart bleeds. I am so disturbed. The thoughts are not letting me breathe in peace.  249 more words


6 things to explore in life

Here are 6 amazing things that I would like my child to explore in life.

My gem,

When you grow up, explore as much as you can. 289 more words


The 5 Day B&W Photo Challenge

Some friends and colleagues have been passing around a photo challenge, to post one black and white image every day for five days. Posted on FaceBook among us, we got to see some work from long ago to some from the present with a brief story of why. 153 more words