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New Mothers and Hospitals -- Mother's Choice, No Bullying.

I found the article ‘Baby Friendly Hospitals…” in the Washington Post on September 11th true and interesting.  As a psychotherapist I see the importance of building confidence in new mothers and helping them have respected choices.  77 more words


Hand in Hand; the decisive moment in

We have been visiting family and friends in Saskatchewan, and while I have been wandering around with my camera on a couple of occasions, it has been cold and rainy. 166 more words


Mother’s Lullaby

Sleep, sleep my child,
mother quietly watches
for gentle dream to come
on thy beautiful eyes.

Winds are outside
and terrible storm rage.
I’ll close the window, 65 more words


3L Wednesday: Life, Love & Lego

Not sure why but BoT’s seventh birthday just seems to be really bothering more than any other – so of course since I express myself best sometimes via Legos.

3L's: Life, Love & Lego's


September 2nd


As you go about your daily routine today notice how often something or someone just happens along the way that keeps you from harm or danger. 288 more words

Daily IN-spiration

Due In Group

After finding out I was pregnant I, like any first time expectant mum, started frantically researching all things baby. The result? I became COMPLETELY overwhelmed. From obstetricians, hospitals, prams, cots and car seats to various other baby products that you ‘must have’, there seemed to be a ridiculous amount of information (perhaps opinions is a better word) that ended up in me having a mini freak out! 306 more words

Due In Group