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Support? Or...

Having just read this article;
I feel inclined to agree, I have witnessed friends and family members react to my partner in the exact same manner and I find it shocking. 693 more words


Writers Laughing: Alice Munro

Okay, sometimes these are a little hard to find. But there’s no shortage of photos of the amazing Alice Munro laughing (and a million of her smiling). 95 more words


Unearthing past prints

I am slowly clearing small sections of the garage which is storing a lot of my past art works. I found some cards I made when I was pregnant with my first child. 141 more words


The Importance of Festivals for our Children

Originally appeared on Parentous.com

The state of festivals today

Today festivals have been reduced to marketing calendars dotted with ‘Sale’ seasons and ‘Big Discount Days’. While I do think that we know of more local and regional festivals today than ever before, like say for example, Varalaxmi Puja, Akhsay Trithiya, Vishwakarma Puja, Teej and Karwa Chauths etc. 775 more words

Mother And Child

A question of what is and what is becoming???

I am continuing to work on several starting points and totally re-working one piece that was never quite there for me. My major challenge at the moment is knowing when to stop. 158 more words

Mixed Media

Active travel can make for happier children

Active travel can make for happier children. You can’t stop to play with the railing when strapped in the back of a car.