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Beyond the Lights (2014) ☆☆☆(3/4) : A Star is Reborn

“Beyond the Lights” gave me two things to remember. First, while reminding me again of my serious lack of knowledge on pop songs, it enlightened me a bit on Nina Simone, an African American singer I was not so familiar with until I watched the movie, and her soulful song “Blackbird”. 891 more words


The First Time You Paint Her Toenails

It happened last week. We sat on the bathroom floor together. She squirmed in my lap, and pulled off her socks one by one. And I picked out the only color I had…for a brand-new two-year-old: light pink. 546 more words


Inspiring Person Essay (by my daughter)

My daughter had to write an essay as part of her application process to her new high school.

She had a few topics to choose from. 126 more words

The Mom went on holiday and I nearly died.

Okay, I didnt nearly die but I was very unwell.

It was bound to happen. Things fall apart when The Mom goes on holiday. It’s why we don’t often let her out. 762 more words


Lessons Mother Taught Me

It’s January 29th and that means just one thing to me: Mother’s birthday. She was born in 1921 and lived to the fine age of eighty-eight. 259 more words


Random Post - Mother's Little Helper...

Not all mothers in fact, the middle image I already published as part of a post on Sasha Pivovarova, mentioning that the little girl was too old at the time of the Vogue shoot to be Sasha’s daughter. 50 more words

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