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Mrs. Beeton Welcomes Spring

Mrs. Beeton (my pink parakeet) has made her spring debut on the deck. After a cruelly long winter, it was finally warm enough for her to venture outside without her parka and boots. 818 more words


Fondue, Anyone?

I’ve been caught…by my kids. As they noted, when trying to purge things from my cupboards recently, “The sixties called and want their fondue set back.” 826 more words


My New Favorite Photo

When my husband pointed his camera at our daughter and me, I said, “Don’t take a picture of me with my butt in the air!”  But he did, and I’m so glad he did.   43 more words

Just Scribbling

Mother and Daughter

The other night, I was coming back from the city on the LIRR with my friends. We sat next to a mother and daughter. Normally, this would not be odd, but because I was cursing loudly on account of the weather, and the interesting relationship between the women, the situation had to be noted. 151 more words

NYC Vingettes

The Rising Tide

Spring is barely here but already the piles of garbage can be seen with the snow melt. This means that I have begun to pick up other peoples’ trash when I walk. 745 more words


New Girl In Town

Once upon a time, there was a gang called The Three Jerks. The three founding members — Poochie, Elvis the Coonhound and The Pig (L’il Sis’ beagle) were constantly getting into doggie trouble, jerk style. 1,151 more words