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The Family Bed Curse

Our regular readers may recall that Crazy D recently had a ‘bed situation’. With the machinations of moving home to live with me, the subletting of his city apartment, the breakup with his girlfriend and the bedbug incident, he has gone through at least three beds this year. 601 more words


Fiction: For My Daughter (286 words)

My dearest Margaret,

I know that as I write this, you are far too young to understand anything in this letter.  But, when you are older, and more mature, then hopefully your father will give this to you.  258 more words


The Queue Forms to The Left

The dynamic in our house has changed this week. We are dog sitting for the neighbors’ dog — so now not one but two hounds follow me wherever I go. 798 more words


Role Reversal

At the age of 67 my mom has stopped working. If I haven’t mentioned it before, my mom is a workaholic. She’s been working since she was 9 years old, whether it was striping candies, or packing cigarettes, working in salons or restaurants all the while maintaining her home, her husband of 50 years and four children, I have very rarely seen her stop; she stops only to sleep. 921 more words

Fall Session {Lara & Kevin}

Lara & Kevin moved to Duncan around the same time that we did and it’s been such a pleasure watching their two adorable children grow up over the past two years. 28 more words


It Took a Village

L’il Sis went to a friend’s wedding this weekend. Three weeks before, she waltzed into my room wearing the fabulous dress she planned to wear. I was with her when she bought it –on sale– months ago. 924 more words