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Wee beasties

Do you ever have those days when you get a phone call from your family and afterwards, once you’ve hung up, think to yourself, “How is it that I seem to have been spawned from a sitcom? 639 more words


The Blue Eyes Don't Have It

I took Mom to her retina doctor. We won’t talk about the fact that we were there for three hours. THREE HOURS. Instead, there’s another story. 409 more words

Coming Back: Part 14

The clerk, though, doesn’t have a chance to cheat them, not with Grace watching. She tallies the cost and names the price with pursed lips, and Grace hands her credit card over without comment. 442 more words

Shopping Accidents

It was a weekend afternoon and too rainy and miserable to swim or enjoy the deck. It was also July so all the summer sales were in high gear.  748 more words


World Cup…Is It Over Yet?

The fever has dropped back to normal. Now we can get back to placing bets as to when the world will destroy itself (whether by weird weather or Middle East  war) and whether George Clooney’s future mother-in-law likes him or not. 564 more words


Mom in a Hoodie

Last year at a family gathering my mother complimented my niece on her black jacket. I don’t think that she noticed it was a hoodie. The following Christmas my sweet niece  sent Mom a package and whatdaya know? 12 more words