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Picture of the Day: Mother and Daughter.

Today’s picture is dedicated to one of my rugby mates and his wife. After a very difficult first experience with parenthood, through love and perseverance they welcomed their daughter into their little family this past spring. To new life :)


Fashion: a way to fit in (or not)

Lord save us all from The Mom in a shoe shop. I do not, nor will I ever, truly understand the strange thrill she gets from buying a new pair of shoes. 724 more words


Coming Back: Part 15

Anna feels it, too. “Let’s not go there again”, she suggests quietly, lighting up a cigarette as soon as they step outside. “I think even the pub is better”. 655 more words

Daughters of Mine

After a hectic day of work full of several meetings and deadlines, I rushed through rush hour traffic to pick up my girls by 6 PM from the Horizons Day Camp, where I had guiltily dropped them off for the first time that morning. 1,218 more words

Born In Boyle Heights

Forbidden Fruit

As a mother, I am often surprised (and sometimes horrified) to discover  which special moments and childhood memories stick in the minds of my grown children. 884 more words


Manic Panic vs Growing Up

See now, this is one of the under-publicised benefits of having an older sibling: we break parents in so that our younger siblings need only follow in our footsteps. 771 more words


A Gift From My Mom

Today, I went to a store that my mom used to frequent often.  I hadn’t been there in awhile and while I was there, one of the employees asked what my mom’s phone number had been.  140 more words