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Hard to find what I'm looking for.....

I admit, my blogging schedule leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t forget to write, it’s just that with so much crap going on and getting ready for winter and all that entails it’s hard to find the time to write. 279 more words


An App for Everything: How to Can

This is pretty cool. I haven’t tried it yet, but once my phone is done charging, I’m gonna jump the bandwagon. I joined a Newsletter not long back, Mother Earth News, for tips and tricks on living more clean, etc. 143 more words


Natural Remedies for Joint Pain - Natural Remedies - Mother Earth Living

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain – Natural Remedies – Mother Earth Living.

I have a follower that suffer from many kinds of pain. I thought she might like to read this and maybe see if anything will work. 47 more words

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The Mother Lode of Harvests!

I’m so excited! I just reaped the mother lode of harvests! No, it’s not baskets of ripe produce from my garden, but it’s something that will certainly lead to that. 320 more words

Homestead Happenings

On Being an Expat, Bugging Out, and Life after Social Media

The popular TV shows about the “prepping” lifestyle are a bit addictive. They are the survival genre’s version of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, the Food Network enterprise that is both engrossing and formulaic. 894 more words

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GreenSun Duckweed Farm Tour Announced

In association with the International Lemna Association, Mother Earth News and Grit’s “Homesteading Education Month,” GreenSun Products is pleased to invite everyone to our second annual duckweed farm tour here in Western Kentucky. 114 more words

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