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Laundry, as our foremothers did it

There are two major ways to wash clothes: by letting water flow over and through them and by abrasion. Both were used in early times and also now, in current times.

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Vegetable Garden Plan

Here is a planned out version of what my garden will look like and all of the vegetables and herbs I will be growing. The top of the garden faces north and the bottom the south, towards the ocean. 59 more words

Weekly Garden Update

Hey everybody!  This week has brought the recession of the snow and thoughts of being ankle-deep in the dirt, sun-tea on the picnic table, and kids playing outdoors.   349 more words


Building a Backyard Chicken Coop - Homesteading and Livestock - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

With my partner Christopher’s help they free-form patterned a shell to house the up-cycled parts. The bottom of the original hutch with the double doors became the front of the coop, the shelving became the back, while the night stand became the egg box.

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Reuse Design


Reading through my RSS feed (which seems to multiply when I’m not looking) and I came across this post.I don’t know Jaime or her family or anything about her besides what is mentioned in the post but the mantra at the bottom caught my heart.

Eco Journey

Homesteading the Web

Amidst the festivity that was Thanksgiving 2011 I read a magazine article that changed my life. It was not an immediately apparent nor drastic change, but a sudden, subtle redirection of my intentions and purpose. 245 more words

The Parlor Room