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The Accidental Pond

So much of Planet Earth’s habitat is being disturbed, uprooted, poisoned or destroyed I was surprised and elated to create, completely by accident, a lush new habitat right in my own front yard. 897 more words

(Art essay 2) An experience of the Cailleach Beare, primordial creatrix of ancient Ireland by Frances Guerin

Australian author David Tacey speculates that the power of the Australian land is activating a deep layer of psyche in white Australians that has been overlaid by civilisation…“ in this context a descendant of the Celtic world is likely to discover that a version of ancient Celtic spirituality is awakened… it is as if the psyche, automatically realising that a bridge must be constructed between the colonising consciousness and the primal landscape, reaches back into cultural memory to find an answering image of aboriginality.” (Tacey 2000, p. 1,339 more words


Mythic Monday: Hilaria

An ancient forerunner of April Fools’ Day, Hilaria was an important religious observance for the Romans. The celebration, often held on March 25 just after the spring equinox, commemorated the resurrection day of the god Attis, son of the Great Mother Goddess Cybele. 290 more words

Mythic Monday

Our Own Skin Part Three

Have you ever wondered why it is that as a group Native Americans, African, Latino and LGBT Americans all know they are oppressed, but the 9 year old American girl-child dieting to look like Barbie, or the woman fiercely advocating for her own reproductive imprisonment, or the teenage girl who proudly calls her pornographer Sir; how is it that none of these females know they are oppressed? 805 more words

Mother Goddess’s Gifts to You

Greetings Precious Soul. Welcome to our gathering. The MOTHER’s Disciples the Elohim salute you and shower you with Our Love and Gratitude.
You Are here with Us and We Are here with you to celebrate The MOTHER GODDESS within Us and Her Gifts to Us. 940 more words


Gaia, the Primordial Mother

Earth, holy mother, source of nature,
you feed us while we live, hold us when we die.

Everything comes from you, everything returns to you. 448 more words


A Nonviolent World

Inspiring Change is this year’s International Women’s Day theme, but as an American woman, I want more than inspiration, I want change now.

Headlines rarely reflect the sexual mayhem women endure everyday worldwide. 457 more words