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Dear Friends,

When I wrote the Kyrian Creed, I was not entirely satisfied with it. I was ever so grateful when Kyrian priestess, Madria Kathi wrote the following: … 270 more words


The Kyrian Moon Rite

As did the Jews for Asherah and the Collyridians for Mary, Kyrians have a Moon Rite that may be used for the Full and Crescent Moons in honor of the Mother and Daughter, respectively. 1,844 more words


How the Goddess Is Demoted through False Imagery

Dear Friends,

As I was looking up the Palladium in Greek mythology, I came upon the painting of Cassandra being dragged away, while clutching the Palladium. 1,204 more words


moon swallowing.

There is something which seems to rattle the doors of our psyche, as we gaze into the abyss of the night sky, clouds drifting as hardly visible specters against the silver points of light. 463 more words

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Has the Phaistos Disk Been Cracked? by Carol P. Christ

Recent headlines in the international press announced that the enigmatic language of the ancient Cretan “Phaistos Disk” has been translated—in part—by the Welch-Cretan scholar Gareth Owens. 1,673 more words


Can I see myself in the mirror of Kali?

Even as a mirror stained by dust, Shines brilliantly when it has been cleansed, So the embodied one, on seeing the nature of the Self, Becomes unitary, his end attained, from sorrow, free…

1,318 more words
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Magic #MACreativeCritic

This short fiction grew out of some quick research on the terms ‘magic’, ‘myth’ and ‘mother-goddess’ in Freud’s writings.  

Chris hesitates at the top of the stairs.  301 more words