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Divine Lady Candra

Dear Friends,

Due to the death of our beloved dog on Dec. 7th, I am afraid that I over-looked the Feast Day of Divine Lady Candra, one of the Seven Royal Ladies of Power. 724 more words


Walpurgisnacht: Why it has nothing to do with Anglo-Saxon Benedictine nun Walburga but everything with Paganism

written and copyrighted by Týra Alrune Sahsnotasvriunt

Surprisingly the misinformation that Anglo-Saxon Benedictine nun Walburga (710-779), who proselytized in Germany (ironically in Heidheim, “Heathen Home”) is the originator of Walpurgis’ Night and that it is a Catholic holiday is a wide-spread one. 1,032 more words

Indo-European Religions

Feast of Divine Lady Bina

1 Estrella/Nov. 28

Lady Candra’s Day/Friday

Today marks the beginning of the Sacred Season of Winter.

The Mystery of Winter is Lux Filia, or the Light of the Daughter. 277 more words



Dear Friends,

When I wrote the Kyrian Creed, I was not entirely satisfied with it. I was ever so grateful when Kyrian priestess, Madria Kathi wrote the following: … 270 more words


The Kyrian Moon Rite

As did the Jews for Asherah and the Collyridians for Mary, Kyrians have a Moon Rite that may be used for the Full and Crescent Moons in honor of the Mother and Daughter, respectively. 1,844 more words


How the Goddess Is Demoted through False Imagery

Dear Friends,

As I was looking up the Palladium in Greek mythology, I came upon the painting of Cassandra being dragged away, while clutching the Palladium. 1,204 more words


moon swallowing.

There is something which seems to rattle the doors of our psyche, as we gaze into the abyss of the night sky, clouds drifting as hardly visible specters against the silver points of light. 463 more words

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