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Hansel and Gretel - Lost in The (Enchanted) Forest

The holidays are coming, and soon you’ll begin to smell warm baking sweets wafting in the air.  After your delicious Thanksgiving meal, you too will want to stuff yourself with pies and cakes. 1,110 more words

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Jack, Jack, watch that candle!!

Auntie Goose here, hope ya’ll enjoy this nursery rhyme. It’s about that Jack who was obsessed with candle sticks when he was just a young’un. Seems he ne’r grew up on the inside and kept on lovin’ them lit candles. 283 more words

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Giving Thanks to the Goose

The Holiday Goose

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us; on this American holiday, most families will be eating turkey as the main dish. The turkey, as a large indigenous bird that is easily found in the wilds of the New World, supplanted the goose as the sacred animal of the holiday feast.   691 more words


Auntie Goose releases her first nursery rhyme

Do you know how many nursery rhymes there are? There are (is?) a ton! It is enough to keep Auntie Goose busy for a very long time! 25 more words

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Mother Goose

Atheists’ Beliefs

As a subject in itself, belief can become a red herring matter of undue contention. We do not approach with tentative trepidation any of that with which we are familiar, and still we argue over whether or not we are guilty of beliefs. 468 more words


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Hot off the Press – err – keyboard/mouse! – Auntie Goose Cover!

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For All The Poets: A Letter of Gratitude

Thank you for joining me while I journey through gratitude framed by poetry. Always a pleasure to have you along.

For All The Poets: A Letter Of Gratitude… 274 more words