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Book Review - Breaking the Mother Goose Code

Breaking the Mother Goose CodeHow a fairy tale fooled the world for 300 years

by Jeri Studebaker

This is a fascinating book involving detection, ancient practices, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, our ancestors and goddesses, all revolving around the tale of Mother Goose. 258 more words


Itsy bitsy spider

Happy Friday-eve, kiddies! I didn’t get to post last night – I got home late from coffee cluck – er – klatch so Wednesday’s post is on Thursday! 250 more words

Children's Stories

Remember When?

Perusing the bookshelf this evening, I came accross a book that appears to have been a gift to our oldest daughter from my sister in law. 48 more words

Ray Visotski

I have a little hen (wife)

Happy new week! For those kiddies who live in the North East, keep warm and stay INSIDE!! It’s a blizzard out there! While the snow is falling, enjoy a little rhyme from me to you.   96 more words

MS Word


Bummer! I’d hate to have to blow my nose…

from Poor Jason’s Almanac http://ift.tt/1unNCfI


The North Wind

Happy new week kiddies! For those that have the day off (thank you Martin Luther King, Jr. for your tireless work toward equality), relax and enjoy and stay warm (this, of course, depends on where on this bright blue globe you are!) and do something nice for someone else! 169 more words


Holda, Lady of Hearth & Spindle

I have been learning about a mysterious and fascinating goddess this past year, in my studies of Urglaawe, the Deitsch tradition of Heathenry. Frau Holle or Holda is the chief goddess of the Urglaawe pantheon, and is believed to have led the Deitsch people to the New World. 303 more words