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Unlike both my mother and my mother-in-law, I hope to remain physically active into my 70s and I don’t just mean mall walking or potting a few container plants come spring and fall. 433 more words


16 Terrible Things Mother-In-Laws Have Said That Will Make You Wish They Were Dead

Found on r/AskWomen.

1. MIL: Aren’t the ballerinas lovely?

ME: Yes they are.

MIL: Were you in ballet?

ME: No, unfortunately I was not.

MIL: Yes that sounds right.

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Dear Snarky - Still Stuck at the Kiddie Table for Thanksgiving

Dear Snarky,

I’m going with my fiancé to his parents’ house for Thanksgiving. We have been dating for three years and for the past two years his mother has made me sit at the kids’ table. 267 more words

Dear Snarky

When Your In-Laws Don't Like You: Holiday Survival Tips

Family life isn’t always the epitome of happiness. Holidays can be especially stressful, and just because one marries into a family doesn’t mean that family loves the person! 41 more words