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Prepping Hubby-to-be

Note: I am not married but i am hoping to be someday in future. These are purely my views on this based on keen observation of a certain married daughter of a narcissistic mum’s marriage life. 878 more words


What is going on here!!

I had a dream a few days ago, it was odd and I didn’t really get it… Till now.
I dreamt that I was visiting my parents with my husband and daughter. 408 more words

Should I Go? The Throw Away Mindset

One day people will get to the end of their life, and be shown the reality of the effects that their choices caused. If there is a purgatory they’ll remain there, and if there isn’t there is heaven or hell to be sent to. 950 more words

Daily Prompt; Marion; my sewing machine

When I read today’s prompt asking if we are on a first name basis with an inanimate object, I thought of Marion. She’s behind me right now, always set up and plugged in because I’m going to sew something……soon.  354 more words

You can choose your friends but not your inlaws

My own mother in law on occasion has left me numb with shock at the appalling things she’s said to me. The criticisms, the snide remarks, the tuts and sneers have battered me over the years. 188 more words

Chapter 20 (continued)

As I pull up to the street where I live, I see my mother in laws car parked in our driveway. My art lesson had lifted my sprits so high, that even the thought of her today is not entirely off putting. 648 more words


“…Give up requesting me to go away from you…for where you go I will go…your people will be my people, and your God my God…

808 more words