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So, what do you when you’re mother-in-law interrupts your life? My mother just told me an old saying…The definition of mixed emotions is…when you see your mother-in-law driving off a cliff in a brand new car.  474 more words


Quiet Thanksgiving Weekends...

So this year I can quietly give thanks while spending thanksgiving weekend on my own.  What you say, are you not married?..do you not have children? 577 more words

Middle Age

The Problem with In-laws

There are many people who marry someone without even considering what their in-laws will be like. I think that many people are in good favor with the in-laws in the beginning but, after the marriage has been going for a while, things start to go south. 516 more words


turn the lights off, yo

(why are these bitches always smiling when they are cleaning?)

my house was always really clean when I was growing up.

when I say you could literally eat off of the floor, it’s not one of those The Definition Of That Word Got Changed In The Dictionary Because So Many People Used It Incorrectly kind of things, I mean, really, you could eat off the fucking floor. 837 more words

99 Cents Store

Prepping Hubby-to-be

Note: I am not married but i am hoping to be someday in future. These are purely my views on this based on keen observation of a certain married daughter of a narcissistic mum’s marriage life. 878 more words


What is going on here!!

I had a dream a few days ago, it was odd and I didn’t really get it… Till now.
I dreamt that I was visiting my parents with my husband and daughter. 408 more words