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Sage Advice For Idiots

“You know, Honey, babies shouldn’t eat plastic.”

advice from my Mother-in-Law


Today was a day full of stuff that didn’t seem to go together at all, but honestly made a balanced mix. Started out shooting wildflowers and ended up cleaning up Aiko’s garden! 173 more words

Potty Talk

The phone rings:

My Mother-in-law to me: Hi honey, do you have a minute?

Me to my MIL: Hi. Sure! How are you doing today? 61 more words

What and Why did I create this blog?

I have been told, repeatedly, that blogging is a great way to work out the angst that one might feel.

I shouldn’t have much to complain about. 95 more words

On To-Day's Menu

Featured item of the day  -   Our Mother- In- Law Sandwich  - Your choice of bread cold shoulder and lots of tongue Mkt priced


NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER---especially in the mall!

A short share with you guys today. My husband and I own a small business that reconditions semi’s for big companies that are selling or trading in their fleet inventory. 398 more words


You would think that us women would catch a break after years of bleeding to death every month not to mention every dumb thing our husbands do that puts us in a bad mood being blamed on PMS,  child bearing metamorphisis of our “use to be” hot bods, nights of sitting up worrying about kids getting home safely that is never ending…no we don’t…then menopause sets in…damn EVE!!! 630 more words