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Watch This Terrifying Lightning Bolt Strike Right Next To A Person Filming A Rainbow

Mother Nature, y’all. Mother Nature does not give a solitary sh*t about you or your rainbow, as you can see from this video in which a woman was just minding her own business filming herself a nice rainbow, when all of a sudden — BOOM, lightning is all like, … 39 more words

Web Culture


Today has been particularly—as Winnie the Pooh would describe it— blustery!  And that has jarred me awake.  It’s that time again here in South Florida.  492 more words


Mother Nature’s Payback is a B

Mother Nature appears to have a vengeance goddess in her employ. Hamilton Disston messed with Everglades and we have spent a lot of money trying to appease Mother nature, ever since. 182 more words


International Rose Garden


Well, I didn’t think I was going to do a blog post today since I was unable to complete my journey on my number one favorite hike in the Gorge; Eagle Creek to Tunnel Falls. 197 more words


Prickly Situation

Some may see it as a prickly situation but as Hubby filled our trailer full of fire-wood last month, I couldn’t help but admire the wild-flowers growing near-by. 70 more words


Rips And Tears

Whispering softly gentle zephyrs 
and speaking my name again through tears, 
Mother beckoned me in dreams, like spurs, 
“Why have you forsaken me these years?”  157 more words