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Landscapes amidst the madness

Today I woke to see the top 101 images in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year awards had been published. Amidst a week watching planes being shot out of the sky in Ukraine and neighbours bombing each other to obliteration in Gaza it felt like a breath of fresh air, and something to celebrate and share. 194 more words

Cape Meares Lighthouse

I winced when I checked my weather app this morning and saw that it predicted a cool, overcast day out on the coast but I am glad I didn’t let that deter me from going because it turned out to be a glorious day with abundance of sunshine, warmth, and beauty. 291 more words


An Empty Nest

There it laid, on my mini front lawn, a nest from the old oak tree.  The summer storms might have blown it down. There are no shell remnants, no feathers, no hint of dried membranes, nothing to indicate chicks had fallen with it. 156 more words

Pets And Pests


Why do period commercials portray females actually enjoying their monthly cycle?

I certainly don’t jump around dancing and smiling. At all. In fact I don’t think I smile the entire week “Aunt Flo” decides to visit. 206 more words

The Sunset Today!

Just mother nature doing her thing. Smile, close your eyes, imagine and dream!


old red truck

so cool, just sitting there letting Mother Nature have at it.