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Daenerys Targaryen

To me Game of Thrones is amazing because of  Khaleese , The mother of dragons. Right from the beginning she has a very complex character but one comes to understand more about her as the story progresses and loves her. 97 more words


Late To The Game Of Thrones Party? Watch This Video & Catch Up In 60 Seconds

So, if you DON’T watch HBO’s Game Of Thrones, and I’m assuming that there are about 5 of you out there, and you keep hearing alllllll this great stuff about Khaleesi… 81 more words


Daenerys Targaryen: Dothraki Skirt

Earlier I made an in depth post about how I made my Dothraki shirt. Once that was done, the rest of this costume came together pretty quickly and easily, so unfortunately I didn’t take too many pictures. 333 more words


Game of Thrones

I watched the newest Game of Thrones episode last night along with a 30 minute recap of the last season. One character’s efforts really stood out. 209 more words

Game of Thrones Theme Song gets a Jazzy Jazzy Smooth Makeover

Nothing smoother than a lil saxophone jazzy jazz cover hailing in the return of our favorite show- Game of Thrones. Welcome back Season 4 and “the Mother of Dragons “in style:


Game of Thrones

I love this show! Was very pleased to get stuck into the new season today. My fave characters are Daenerys and Tyrion. I also loved Khal Drogo and was sad to see him go. 72 more words