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Putin's Nationalism Will Break Russia Apart

Much has been said about what Ukraine’s ongoing crisis will mean for this young state’s journey toward nationhood. The reverse seems to hold true, however, when the conversation turns to Russia, despite it being a nation state for an equally short length of time. 878 more words

Homework break.

Just finished one chapter of the four I was assigned to read. Luckily the last three chapters are short essays in a compilation textbook.

Just checked my AMAZING stats and I have my first view/read by someone in Russia. 6 more words

Say What?

And For My Next Act

Friday’s post is all about gossip. For the most part, anyway. I will choose something that happened either long in the past or more recently, and talk about my opinion on it. 378 more words

To Our Chagrin

Contributor:  Arthur Jones

Ferguson, Missouri is a flashpoint. The racial tensions, the over-militarized response of the police force, and the tangible sense of disenfranchisement long experienced by its citizens could happen anywhere in America. 796 more words