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Homework break.

Just finished one chapter of the four I was assigned to read. Luckily the last three chapters are short essays in a compilation textbook.

Just checked my AMAZING stats and I have my first view/read by someone in Russia. 6 more words

Say What?

And For My Next Act

Friday’s post is all about gossip. For the most part, anyway. I will choose something that happened either long in the past or more recently, and talk about my opinion on it. 378 more words

To Our Chagrin

Contributor:  Arthur Jones

Ferguson, Missouri is a flashpoint. The racial tensions, the over-militarized response of the police force, and the tangible sense of disenfranchisement long experienced by its citizens could happen anywhere in America. 796 more words


Daily Dose of Russia: 1

Since I’m an unabashed Rusophile with a passion for history and traditional culture, I present the Daily Dose of Russia. Songs, videos, clips, and other interesting news from the past, present, and future of Mother Russia. 48 more words


My Favorite Commercial: Ft. Robin Willams

Let’s Win this for Mother Russia!  LOL, lol. (MP)

Movie Review: 'Kick-Ass 2' (2013)

“Act like a bitch, get slapped like a bitch.”

Quickie Review:

More violent. More hilarious. More over the top. Everything a good sequel should be! 626 more words


Rebellion At A Young Age

Part of the reason that the Boston Tea Party happened is actually rather funny and childish at the same time. England was so obsessed with his tea – so when America heard the plan to dump all of the tea into the harbor, he was all for it. 171 more words

Shattered Pangea