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Happy Holidays from San Francisco

Nothing like a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge the day after Thanksgiving to start the holidays off right. My children and grandchildren enjoyed a stroll across the famous span. 338 more words

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They make up...Excerpt from MOTHER TONGUE

Leaving a tense encounter at the house with the oblique staircase in the wilds of Niolo, Antoine pulls up to an seemingly out-of-place and dilapidated French colonial villa, its crumbling walls stitched together with ivy. 376 more words

Karen Stephen Author

They fight...Excerpt from MOTHER TONGUE

Liz doesn’t know whether to fear Antoine Scafani or be fearful for him. A chance meeting after a funeral only confuses her more.

For nearly an hour, I wandered Corte’s empty streets. 589 more words

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Photos from Corse Passion on FB

My favorite Corsican website is CORSE PASSION, which features spectacular photos of Corsica that convey not only its stunning beauty but its mystery and culture. 27 more words

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