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"You mustn't lose it." By Sasha in her garden

Tuesday August 12, 2014
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a quote from Robin Williams

Here’s the necklace I was telling you about, Robin. You mustn’t lose it. You must put it someplace safe. 134 more words

7-Year-Old Turns In Mother For Cooking Meth

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A 7-year-old child says his mom was cooking and using methamphetamine so he turned her in.

The little boy and his 26-year-old mother were living in Edgewater with her boyfriend’s brother Peter. 62 more words



I’ve had plenty of opportunity to think about kin these past months.

I left a church that had woven its heart into my own. We became Spirit kin and moving from them left me wobbly. 285 more words

Community In Christ

When an angel says goodbye part 2.

When I was 6 years old, I was like any 6 year old. I played, I climed trees, I stole my mother’s cigarets, and “hid” them in the trash can, with a slight hope that maybe she would just quit them. 233 more words

Mother and Baby Hospitalized Following Hit-Skip


A woman and baby are hospitalized after being struck on the sidewalk by a driver who didn’t stop at the scene of the accident. 74 more words


The sewer is backed up.

The sewers backed up.  Dad is sitting at the kitchen table, not indicating to anybody what he wants to do about it.

Mom’s yelling about laundry. 106 more words

Hands That Do Good Work

I have full childhood memories based on the feel of my parents hands. The callouses that raised from the work my father did in the yard and the scars I could map back to the years he worked as a logger. 152 more words