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Do I Deserve This?

It’s so Strange. All the while, a Woman looks for a man to Love, Care and most importantly, “attention” or “time”.


More than love, it’s the attention your/we Women want from our men. 211 more words


Super Sibling!

Last Saturday was cold, the kind of cold where you’re not sure if the car will start and you certainly don’t want to leave the house. 1,368 more words


FAQs Of A New Mom

When I gave birth to my first child I was on cloud nine. It was so overwhelming that I was not able to absorb the feeling of being a mother. 1,219 more words

Just a Smile away....

When you smile, smile like a Princess. When you cry, then cry like your Mother. But never ever lose your heart because you cannot cry like a Princess and smile like your own Mother !

Philosophical Non-Senses

Wedding Baby

It was wedding day yesterday, due to the auspiciousness phase of moon there were 40 weddings that took place locally, if they hadn’t of married yesterday they would have had to wait another 3 months ….. 66 more words


Thing I want to tell my son

As a parent, there are moments each and every day that you question if you’re doing thing right. You wonder am I too hard on you… 1,106 more words

26th day

One by one they’re leaving,
Yet we’re still here.
But that’s okay baby,
For we know that you are on the right track.
*hugs* 😊