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In 2013 during the Aquarius Full Moon, I was introduced to a large image of the petroglyph She Who Watches. I was flooded with emotion, love and power and simultaneously an inexplicable desire to connect with a sense of lineage. 338 more words


31 Weeks Pregnant

(image courtesy of wow.yourbabylibrary.com)

It’s been a nice week! Quite chilled but fun too. My grandad and my stepdads parents came over for Emily’s birthday buffet. 552 more words


Weekend Inspiration: Jewelry for Mothers

Between friends and family, there are a lot of babies happening in my life right now; that got me thinking about how mothers celebrate their children. 304 more words


Special Gift

It has been five years, since my beautiful sister Zia, got married. On that blissful occasion, I still remember how devastated I felt, because I lost the most precious & priceless gift that I had with me since I was 7. 282 more words

Post Baby Body

I know that most women do not post
their post baby bodies, but I will. Yes, I have stretchmarks and yes, my linea nigra still present (dark line down your belly you can get while pregnant), but I want to tell you, working out pre baby, and eating well, and breast feeding post baby really works. 215 more words


Goodbye Summer 2014

Yesterday confirmed what I have been suspecting for a while. Summer seems to have gone! It has taken with it all its benefits I love. 194 more words


Hera: Three ancient phases and symbols

Hera: the Greek Goddess of womanhood was the chief goddess of ancient Greece.  Hera passes through three life stages of maiden, mother, crone.  She is the symbol of strength and power connecting her to these three ancient phases of a woman’s life.  

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