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Wild Joy on Easter (and in WalMart)

Today Emerald and I went running all over town buying last minute Easter stuff.  We saved WalMart for the very end, which of course fell right during the middle of her normal naptime.   578 more words

The Christian Life

To Quest to Solving Self-Identity

Everyone has a self-identity. We call ourselves, a sister, a consultant, a friend and so on. For new mothers, we include a new self-identity, “Mommy”. Congratulations! 636 more words


The generational difference 1975-2014

I was chatting with co-workers today about a thought that occurred to me recently. I’m in my late thirties, Thirty-six to be exact (I don’t mind saying so, I’ve worked hard to make it to this age clean/sober/alive with a job & a roof over my head…I’ve earned every single year…damned proud to share it) anyway, the thought was that at my age…my mother already had ten children…one for every year of my son’s life. 285 more words

Family And Kids

"This, Too, Shall Pass"

Probably every American mother has heard it. It’s supposed to be an encouragement when the duties and sometimes frenzies of having children (particularly small children) can overwhelm the Lone Mother. 471 more words


A Mom Thing

Is it just me or does being a mom bring out the ferocious in you?

My son is turning two next week but I still remember the day he was born like it only happened yesterday. 577 more words


Sweet and Sour

Little Man loves to play with my hair. Ever since I cut it, getting rid of about four inches, he seems even more amazed. At first I thought it was just because I wore it down more, and he would try and help me blow it out of my face like I taught him. 181 more words


Ditching the Equipment

The one and only duathalon I’ve done required that I leave the iPod at home. This served to be a moment of tension and stress for me. 358 more words