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The Reinstatement of Kisses and Tickles

Photo: This photo has nothing to do with the words below. It does, however, prove that I am killin’ it with my grill! You see that perfectly grilled ribeye over there!? 865 more words


The never ending hallway

I’m not sure why she thinks she can keep up with me. I’m like a Olympic sprinter when I get these short legs moving in one direction. 106 more words


The Grass is Always Greener...Grass

A couple of days ago, while walking near our home, I noticed a horse straining through the fence to grab some grass. And I giggled to myself at the silliness of his actions. 366 more words


Everyday blessings in full days

Waking up all through the night from my deep sleep to nurture and comfort that little one back to sleep, sacrificing my needs above theirs and realizing its only a season and I won’t be able to hold that little baby in my arms forever, this is an everyday blessing. 486 more words

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Don't Leave Us Hungry For Love

I’m not one to promote mommy guilt. But last week was bad, even by my standards. I’m going to ‘out’ myself here. I feel like I’m losing my head without sleep. 477 more words


Baby Buddy: an app for expectant and new young mums

There’s been a wave of enthusiasm recently among Tweeting midwives. I was on holiday when it started (supposedly away from emails and social media, but sneaking back on now and again), and returned to find that a host of fellow midwives had changed their Twitter profiles to avatars. 436 more words

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Summer Holiday Check In

Annnnddddd I’m late again! Time is seriously running away from me this Summer and I still can’t believe we’re almost at the end of it. We still have uniforms, shoes and bags to buy and I’m not quite ready for it all. 172 more words