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Clean/green living

The child and I went to the local fruit & veg market this morning and stocked up on supplies for the week. Clean and healthy, mostly green veg, some fruit for spruce to take to preschool and some for my juices/smoothies. 191 more words


Eat, Play, Scrunch

Little Man has started making a very silly face. He scrunches up his nose, opens his mouth so you can see his teeth, and breathes in and out quickly. 349 more words


Lost Sheep (Inner Thoughts)

A mind filled with nonsenses. The explosion has begun. A sheep in the meadow, out in the open. Howling wolves expecting their prey to collapse in fear; waiting for me to surrender. 260 more words

The Way I Think (Proverbs 23:7)

Now I’m a Writer. A Creative Writer. A type of Writer that displays her emotions on paper and tears down unbreakable boundaries. Anyone can be a Writer. 400 more words


Tell God Everything (Psalms 13:1)

I just yell at her. I scream and complain to her. I look at her and just leave her there; as if I am not ready for this. 193 more words


Waiting For Christmas.


I need school to start, like, yesterday.

The summer was pretty manageable at first, with a music camp and a few Vacation Bible Schools, going to the beach and such. 686 more words


The thrill of going out on a school night

Before having children, I’d always wondered why mothers I knew seemed to be so crazy-happy to hit the night scene. They’d get this kind of glassy, glazed look in their eyes before basically re-enacting the Braveheart scene and screeching “FREEEEEEDOM!” but instead of running at the enemy, they’d run to the bar and then be dancing like this within 40 minutes: