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Dads can be judgy too

We’ve all heard about judgy mums. You know, the ones who have discovered the secret to perfect parenthood and are honour-bound to share it condescendingly with all in their immediate vicinity. 786 more words


Happy Birthday Arie. Reflections.

My son Arie celebrated his 22nd birthday October 17. It’s always a time of celebration and reflection for me, as his Mom as well. Away from the spotlight, my priority when they were growing up was to be present in their lives. 313 more words


That time I took parenting tips from MTV's Teen Mom, and other confessions

When Bean was a baby, a friend lent us a Bumbo chair. I wasn’t sure how old a baby had to be in order to sit in it safely, but I was reasonably sure Bean was still too wobbly. 705 more words


What-my-kid-said Wednesday: conversations

While eating lunch:

“Mummy, there’s a baby in my tummy. You hear it?”

“Um, no. What is it saying?”

“It say ‘ah, ah, ah, ah.’ You see it?” Bean pulls his shirt up. 95 more words


First week down, about 13 years to go

Lola’s first day of kindergarten.

It all went well. We got there early. Which wasn’t the best idea actually, because it meant we had to stand longer in a crowded, sweaty gym waiting for the whole ribbon cutting thing (this is the school’s first year at this location.) I was super hot and impatient. 407 more words


Wednesdays are back y'all.

I’ve been meaning to add a Wednesdays post. I never post anymore and these Wednesdays posts are a good way for me to continue to keep the occasional snapshot of our life. 1,261 more words