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I knew I had to call the freezer repair guy.

I knew it for 6 months. When I plugged in the freezer back in November and it made this monstrous, horrific buzzing sound, I knew something was wrong. 1,010 more words

Motherhood Musings

Homework Havoc


It’s so predictable. It’s always during bath time. Always during supper time. Always during cranky hours. Always when everyone is home and needs attention. And needs to be served. 454 more words

Motherhood Musings

How us moms get things done

The laundry. I need to switch the stuff from the washing machine and put it in the dryer. It should only take a minute.

I walk towards the laundry room. 795 more words

Motherhood Musings

Which two do you choose?

I wasn’t that great of a mother on Friday.

I discouraged all creativity. Anything that required using actual household stuff was forbidden. No toys were to be played with. 479 more words

Motherhood Musings

Kitchen grout and kids

What happened to the grout?”


What grout?

“The grout on the kitchen floor, between the tiles;  why is it that color?”

I stood there staring at my landlord, baffled. 647 more words

Motherhood Musings

When your best plan falls short

The downside of always planning out my day is that when things don’t go according to schedule, I don’t have much wiggle room to replan. 1,067 more words

Motherhood Musings

A defining moment of Mommyhood

There are some moments of Mommyhood that I call defining moments.

They are moments when everything you stand for and believe in, moments when everything you put your energies into, are suddenly on the edge. 583 more words

Motherhood Musings