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A couple of years back, a friend of mine had her first kid. We both clueless on babies and I tried to support her anyway I can. 649 more words

Changing a life

There are so many things that mothers do. We bring life into this world. We populate the planet. We raise future leaders, or…serial killers. I don’t mean for this post to take a downward turn towards the dark side, but there is a point to be made. 564 more words

the moon

In the moonlight, her eyes sparkle.  She never wears makeup, doesn’t really even prefer it, but she made a concession tonight, for dance.  Just now, as we leave the building, a brisk wind lifts a few errant strands of hair away from her ears.   1,087 more words


Winter Holidays- Where Moms go CRAZY!!!

Good Morning you Gorgeous people!

Well today marks the first day of winter break for my kids. Though they are too little to even realise what that means the little one is relieved I’m not getting them ready for school. 653 more words


Tentang 2014

Hihi, belum apa-apa udah Desember lagi aja. Sebentar lagi udah mau Tahun Baru lagi aja. Anak-anak udah pada mau libur sekolah lagi aja. Bandung sebentar lagi bakal rame lagi aja sama pengunjung luar kota. 531 more words

Daily Rants

Enjoy The Show

I made a new friend Wednesday. Let’s call him Pete. He was my patient and what a treat he was.

When Pete checked in, our registrar came back to tell me that a gentleman had checked in for a headache that he’d had for 5 weeks and that…clear your throat…he was… 939 more words



My skin is changing. I’m 40. It’s that time.

I remember being a child and having my grandmother’s arms around me and seeing how her skin was thicker, how the texture was lined, a gentle thin corduroy of arm skin and neck skin, skin that had been out in the sun pruning roses. 1,053 more words