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What happens next?

Well, we did it. We’ve got The Husband on the road for what should be at least six weeks, and we all survived.

We had one last visit together to our farmer’s market, on the way to pick up his rental car. 395 more words

Family Life

My Birth Story

My bundle of joy is two months old and I have finally decided to write down my birth story. Disclaimer: I do not recommend reading birth stories before you have your own; every birth story is unique. 1,592 more words

The Yellow Slide

Alternately titled, “Another sure sign my baby is growing up”

We’ve gone to Fremont Splash Station at least once a summer for the past two or three summers.  136 more words

The Joys Of Boys

My Girl

Oh… Decisions, decisions, decisions

She spent 15 mins on her own trying to decide on her shoes and accessories. She is 4. When I was 4, all my clothes and shoes matched my other cousin because it was always cheaper to get them in pairs. 81 more words

Mrs Amri

5 months old!

Our little chubber is now 5 months old.  I feel as if this past month has been full of new and fun developments…Miles has been busy busy busy.  207 more words


In other news we have a normal poo

You know you’re a mummy when you get excited over a normal poop. Especially if this normal poop follows a week of gastroenteritis and the horrors of green watery poop. 179 more words

Me And My Mess

“Now, remember, if you are about to face crusty dishes in the sink and pile of dirty laundry, do not think for one moment God loves you any less. 1,100 more words

God's Love