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How Long Can You Live Without Water?

How long can you live without water? I asked this question several years ago while caught up in a moment of fitness zeal. During one of my cyclical attempts to adopt a new food lifestyle to compliment a new workout routine, I read a book called… 254 more words


Joaqui's Funniest

There have already been several instances when I wish I have captured Joaqui in a video doing funny stuff.

Here are some of them:

#1… 184 more words

Mommy's Chuychuy

Unsolicited Advice for My Daughters

I’ve always said, never give someone advice unless they ask you at least three times for your opinion. Otherwise, it could end in tears. I’ve learned this the hard way. 876 more words

Fleeing Into Slavery: The Insurgent Geographies of Brazilian Quilombos (Maroons), 1880-1881, Yuko Miki

Yuko Miki. “Fleeing Into Slavery: The Insurgent Geographies of Brazilian Quilombos (Maroons), 1880-1881.” From The Americas, Volume 68, No. 40, April 2012. 

Yuko Miki’s article on the Brazilian quilombos of the late 19th century makes use of the concept of “insurgent geographies” to describe the ways in which maroonage existed not as a restorationist attempt at recreating African societies, but rather as a political expression of claiming freedom and citizenship within the newly formed nation state. 174 more words


It’s been so long since I’ve written, and I have much to share, but I’ll start with now, with today. The first email I opened today was from Jade Beall, saying her new book… 843 more words

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Bedtime Stories

Bedtime used to be war time.

The Little Creature used to hate going to sleep. It must have been because of the iPad and the TV. 500 more words