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Why Do I Write? Lady Gemini

Why do I write, you ask?

Such simplicity in this question but the answer is more complex.

I write to remember. I write to forget. I write about the questionable things, to see if they’ll make sense. 95 more words


Jekyll and Hyde

As I drove {maybe a bit too quickly} to pick up H this past Friday, I felt my work week persona fall away {we’ll name it Hyde} and felt weekend me fall into place {Dr. 278 more words


Yep, I'm One of Those Annoying People..Pregnancy/Birth/Baby Advice :)

Remember when you were newly pregnant with your first (or adopting, or surrogate, or so forth) and everyone who had had a child, whether it was 30 years ago or yesterday, suddenly wanted to impart you with every piece of wisdom they could manage in a 5 minute conversation?  851 more words

Having to say goodbye

What an up and down summer it has been. I’ve kept busy with three jobs, and trying to play catch-up with finances and life….

It’s also been an amazing summer of bonding with the superhero. 823 more words

Single Parent

Taking a Break from Posting, but Never from Writing

I went on two retreats last week and came home refreshed.

One to the coast.

The other to the desert.

Didn’t have to drive for either. 625 more words

Everyday Chrisitanity

The Other Side of Feminism

This semester has been brought it’s fair share of challenges for me testing my resilience. I started at a new University, who imposes it’s secular opinions on me without rest. 1,306 more words

In Admiration of Mothers

I have a new favorite movie. It’s not just a favorite; it is THE favorite. The other night I was in a pretty foul mood. Not that anything bad had happened, I was just tired and perhaps a bit hungry. 1,047 more words

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