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Unexpected Gift

Brendan comes home late tonight, and I have to say, this time with just me and Amelia went far better than I anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, I missed him terribly…almost as much as I missed showering and going to the gym and sleeping…you know, the little things.   100 more words


Momma needs a break!

Whether it’s mothers going on a night out or just having a break and sending them to grandmas, mothers having a break…It’s a tricky subject, people with different beliefs and different opinions have their say but which is the right one? 538 more words


Give Thanks


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I want to tell you something.

Gratitude is a lofty principle generally awash in false piety; many invoke it without demonstrating any true allegiance to it, and I candidly tell you that I am one of those for whom gratitude is often provisional and fleeting. 225 more words

Advice For Children

This MOM’s Life

The very precious gift for anyone is his / her mother. Motherhood is an amazing world to be explored always. I am a happy mother of 11-year-old son Mitesh. 249 more words


My Homebirth Story

I just updated my home-birth page. You can view it by clicking the page above anytime if home-birth is of interest to you.

I had a hospital birth with my first son and didn’t like the business procedure like attitude toward birth. 666 more words


MomViews: I Was Adopted

November is National Adoption Month and this week I am featuring one of my new favorite bloggers, Juliana Ruud of One Ruud Mom. Her posts are always so interesting, and it helps that she also considers her pup to be part of the family (I love that!) This week on MomViews, Ruud is sharing her experience with being adopted, offering her first-born up for adoption, and more. 430 more words

Mommy Blog

Do you dare to dream?

I write a lot about dreams. I have them. I hold on to many of them long after I should, in some cases. I believe dreaming is important. 838 more words

Dreams And Aspirations