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Secret Things That Parents Do

Be honest, how many do you relate to? I’m sure its not just me!

1. Silently (and quickly) scoff food when our children are in another room. 255 more words

Children And Families

I Don't Like This, So I Wrote About It

Clenched Chest. Unclear mind. Randomly upset.

My moods and emotions are pretty steady most of the time, but there are days when my chest feels clenched, my mind can’t focus and I feel upset for no reason. 118 more words


Discouraged or Anxious?

I lead a group of young ladies at our local church on Wednesday nights. Last night God touched our meeting in such an incredible way. Each and everyone of these young ladies were dealing with anxiety and discouragement. 253 more words

What Matters Most

In the moment.

I was going to write a post about mindfulness in everyday life, but I think I will just post this as an example.

Taking time to rest. 48 more words


Language development in Toddlers

Developmental Milestones

Individual children vary, based on gender, temperament, and caregivers’ language use, but here are some typical average milestones for language development:

  • At one year old, your child might understand 50 words and say a few.
  • 1,066 more words
Child Development

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A really informative and well-written article about language development. It's full of practical tips for parents and the research to support them! (Also, I am loving this blog! How have I not seen it before?)

For my Son on his First Birthday

For Cole Marshall James,

One year ago today, we didn’t know life could be any better… and then we were blessed with you.  Thank you for enriching our lives and making us laugh every day.  2,110 more words

"Mommy's Best Friend"

As I folded laundry tonight, I stumbled across an adorable onesie with “Mommy’s Best Friend” embroidered on the front. And I laughed to myself. See, I’m pretty sure the Baby Union has a contract with clothier Carter’s to print stuff like that. 497 more words