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Asking for help…it sounds so simple, but sometimes it’s anything but. I speak to so many parents who struggle with this every day. Many feel like they’re supposed to be able to do it all, have it all and be everything to everyone, so asking for help would be like failure. 284 more words


The One That's Like a Ferris Wheel

I have been a mother for almost a year, and some days I feel that nothing I do is right. Perhaps it’s the blessed curse of new parenthood—the joy of having this tiny person depend so much of their livelihood on me, and the endless demands that spring from this responsibility. 246 more words


Lots to Learn from Brooke Shields

Growing up, my mother played a lot of roles in our lives; guardian, disciplinarian, personal shopper, and best friend to name a few. She made sure we had weekend shopping voyages and summer vacation plans every year.. 239 more words

sebastian luc | nine months

S finally really began to crawl today. I turned away for just a few moments, and he had moved about two feet. He really wanted to make it to the speaker and play with the wooden parts that create cool diamond shapes. 178 more words


This is ART

I work for a women’s leadership organization, which is headquartered in a women’s college, so just imagine the whirlwind of female opinions swirling in the office after seeing the latest contribution to the… 413 more words


We have conquered the snot. Or, at least we’re pushing back the tide, and victory is within reach. That’s a nice bit of melodrama right there. 553 more words

Let's Talk About That Baby

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have heard about the newborn left in the drain for 6 days in Western Sydney at just 1 day old. 715 more words