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First Job After Baby

This week I got back into the saddle after 8 months!!! 856 more words


Christmas Lights Photos

So ever since the beginning of time (or the beginning of Pinterest, anyway), I have wanted to take photos of my babies playing with Christmas lights. 612 more words


A mother post

I am a new mother, and I need to remember that.
I get so hard on myself sometimes and feel so disappointed, like maybe I’m not doing everything right so far? 221 more words

Say Hello to the Cat-Nappers

Say hello to my cat, Coco and Bubba.

Now, wipe that judgmental smirk off your face. Bubba sleeps in my arms during the day. I’ve mastered the art of carrying him to sleep while getting on with life i.e. 269 more words


First Haircut

Earlier this week, we took our son to get his first haircut. It was getting long in the back and started to curl, and we wanted him to look nice for Christmas. 112 more words


It's a Möbius

The Lord has led me to some unusual therapies to help me through this time of grieving.

First, there was baking sourdough bread. Then there was making 250 paper Christmas trees for our ward Christmas party and hanging up Christmas stars on the walls of the gymnasium. 494 more words


The Twins Turn Six (from the Basement Tapes)

Again and again this year I found myself beginning posts I never finished or finishing posts I never polished enough to post. So they’ve sat half-lost in a virtual notepad, like finds on a lobsterman’s beach, half cut rubber band trash, half polished red sea glass treasure. 1,025 more words