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The only place to be

Love Bug isn’t very well. Her head hurts. She has a temperature. Her arms and legs hurt. Her appetite has faded. She’s got snot {which she’s very enthusiastic to make sure you’ve had a good look at}. 93 more words

The secret SAHM club....and other campfire tales

So, here we are at the start of the school summer holidays. These are my first ‘proper’ holidays since I left work. It’s my first year when I’ve been truly free to do what I want (with the boys of course) and, while I am as skint as a flint, I have a good roll call of plans to work through – a bucket and spade list if you will. 260 more words

First Principles

Loving Looming

My daughter, like many children under the age of 17 (or even older), have been sucked into the new craze that is rainbow loom. She had begged me for ages to get one, but I dont believe in buying things for the sake of it, there has to be good reason (e.g. 249 more words



Yesterday, I learned that a family friend’s son passed away. It was a heroin overdose that took him. He was twenty-two.

Up until yesterday, whenever I heard the phrase “heroin overdose”, the picture that came to mind was one of squalor and plight, a withered person plagued by their poor choices, bad judgment, and the disease of their addiction. 430 more words


Relax and Thrive on Crazy

“The only true gift is a portion of thyself.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have started to notice something about myself in recent years. Relax? It’s not necessarily something I know how to do. 585 more words


The Night Walker

I love the holidays.  That moment when you close the door on your classroom on the last day of the summer term with all that time stretched unfilled before you is like no other.  1,080 more words


How NOT To Go Camping With Your Baby

1. Pack you, your significant other’s, and child’s entire closet, two coolers worth of food, tent, camping gear, half your house, but forget your camera. Be forced to use your phone to record the first trip and rely on the pictures Grandma takes with her camera that you know will most likely stay on her camera along with your wedding pictures from two years ago. 466 more words