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Their washing machine stands in my lounge.

It’s all that’s left of their honeymoon household.

Their home is empty, vacated, untenanted:

Their belongings scattered. Gifted. 81 more words

Dee Jones

ANZAC Day 2007

Anzac Day 2007


In those darkest, stillest moments before the dawn

We lined up, my child fresh in her school uniform

To earn another stripe – her third cotton medal… 245 more words

Dee Jones

Back to work? Hang on, my "feminist" buddies. And thanks for the free advice!

I am on an extended maternity break. Not advisable for someone in a male dominated domain with high career aspirations, I’m told.

But the choice has already been made. 517 more words


Changes Ahead!

And so they are! On Monday, my maternity leave comes to an end. After about 14 months, I am returning to my job in legislation. Only part-time, mind you, but still. 253 more words

Days Of Our Lives



At the end of Shrek

          they searched for Hallelujah on You Tube:

          a series of discoveries clicked and clicked.

He and I danced to The Lion King… 227 more words


The Almost Preschool Drop-out

In an ironic twist, the only one in our family who may be going to school this September is Miss C.  Ironic because of all our girls and preschool, I was the most hesitant on whether I was enrolling Miss C, or not. 616 more words


Happy birthday to me...

Today is my birthday, and what better present could I get than a picture from my little boy? He then asked me to write a story about the picture, and I ask you, who could say no? 1,239 more words