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I’d protest that His Awesomeness cannot possibly be fifteen since I’m still in my twenties, but frankly I’m tired and my crows feet would sell me out in a heartbeat.  371 more words


Potty Talk

I was inspired to share some stories from this week after reading my favorite Facebook post to date, written by my husband’s colleague, Dan.  This was the picture Dan posted of his son, Colin: 1,277 more words


A week ago yesterday school broke up. On that last day of term I took my eldest (youngest in tow, as usual) to school, and the mood in the playground was celebratory. 328 more words


My Dailah Leagh is 8!

On Saturday my baby girl turned 8-years-old. If you have any kids or nieces and nephews I don’t need to tell you how quickly time flies when children are involved. 493 more words

BACKLASH: When Baby's Last Name is Mom's

Such a powerful piece on The Hairpin today by sister siren Molly Caro May about how she and her husband embraced HER last name for their new daughter. 109 more words

Sister Sirens

Five Minute Friday: Belong

I want to be one who holds solid, who hangs on for the bumpy, long road.

But it’s hot and sticky, and my body hurts from the jostling, and I want the short, quick fix so much more. 285 more words



I admire marathon runners.  I can’t say I’ve ever entertained the idea of being one because after having four kids my bladder is even weaker than my knees.  808 more words