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The World Around

“Foreigners are like you and me, they know what children need. All women anywhere have maternal instincs, we’re all like the Guan Yin inside.”

~ Xin Ran


A day with 4 kids, an evening off

This morning Ted and I loaded the kids into the car and I took them off to pick up my niece at 9:30. We met up with my friend A and her girlfriend, and then all 7 of us went to the zoo, in my Volvo. 412 more words

A birthday post

Tomorrow, August 24, is my second daughter’s birthday. She’ll be ten. So I’m posting something for her. Ten things (out of at least a hundred) I love about this girl. 463 more words

My Stuff

Sometimes things are as beautiful as a rose

As we walk around the blacktop, her little hand in mine, I can feel her body tense up.

She was fine all morning, but the reality is here. 791 more words

Wearing my Baby

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how my baby wants me to sit and hold him all day. And while I love to do just that, sometimes I really do have to get up and get things done (and sometimes I actually need to have… 451 more words


The One About Breastfeeding (Or, Please Stop Biting Me How Can Two Teeth Hurt That Damn Much)

This week has put me through the wringer. Both Ryan and I are still working our extreme exhaustion back to a more manageable everyday level, and the punches don’t stop coming. 549 more words


With Summer Closing I Turn My Focus to This One Habit.

Summer coming to an end is never a joyous occasion. Although I am a creature of habit – I like routine and the predictable – the spontaneity and relaxed flow of the summer is utterly refreshing. 324 more words