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Someone blew it.


This week Jay had a medical test scheduled. This test… well, it’s been a pain in my neck since the moment they scheduled it. 559 more words

Life's Like That

What kind of Mom are You?

I struggle with this question on a daily basis. I have a 10 year old, 8 year old and a 5 year old and I still don’t have this mothering thing down yet. 275 more words


why the internet is actually dangerous.

we are people, just like you. we eat, sleep, go to work, raise kids. we clean toilets & make lists & feed the cat. we are people, just like you. 1,438 more words


My birthday, friends

Today Ted took the day off so I could have time to myself on my birthday. That enabled me to have a few productive practice sessions, time to read, time to catch up on business, time to respond to well-wishes on Facebook, and time to go to the spa with friends in the evening. 356 more words

it's been a while....

today i started dinner late and as i was prepping the beans, as my grandmother did probably hundreds of times in her lifetime, i quickly considered how dirty the kitchen was but instead of pondering that thought for too long i mused about how much i missed writing…that’s how my brain works though. 632 more words


fifth day

It’s already day 5. The visit is nearing its ending point- tomorrow will be our last full day together. Seven days felt like a lot when he first arrived- it… 968 more words

Personal Growth

#13 Normalize breastfeeding in public

Somedays, I don’t feel amazing. Yesterday and today aren’t those days.

A mama friend texted me last night and told me she thought I was “strong and fierce” and that she “admired me”. 1,135 more words