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A Rainbow for the Eyes: A Review

I want to tell you, dear parents who scan the newsfeed, dear sweethearts of the world—you teachers who already know that in your classroom, the grownup lines are redrawn. 920 more words


Concert-goer, outdoor clothes, daytime nap, cousin time

I went to a concert tonight! I didn’t play in it, but got to sit in the audience and listen. It was wonderful. It’s a new group, and some of the personnel are friends of mine. 546 more words

Picnic at the zoo

We live in such a beautiful place, filled with amazing sights and weather.  Spending the day with both of my girls and Julia’s friend was the best way to enjoy a Sunday.  162 more words


Getting Organized...Finally

We have been living in our new home for exactly sixty-four days.  I have been nagging my husband to finish putting Eva’s (our six-year-old daughter) bed together for about sixty of those days now.   125 more words


On Beauty

I hope that I grow in Beauty as I age
like my mom
outstanding in her field

However small my sphere
I will aspire, like her,
to cultivate a vastness

Alphabet of thanks, "V"

It’s the Holiday season and I am very thankful for vanilla. I love the smell of vanilla, don’t you?  Did you know that women In Victorian times used vanilla as perfume?  779 more words


We us.

She gets sick and she can’t eat then she spends the week poking at her food, moving it around the plate i’m not hungry i’m just not hungry  400 more words