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Just a Mom

My baby girl is three weeks old today. At least, she will be in 12 hours. It’s 4:30 in the morning, and I feel more alert right now than I have in days because she just slept for six hours straight. 862 more words



Will I ever learn that all of the planning in the world cannot combat the most-esteemed -stubbornest child?  Probably not.  But darned if the kid will not keep trying to teach me! 511 more words


Chanukah, Hazel's big owie, holidays

Tonight is the 4th night of Chanukah. This festival of lights is, for me, a reminder to be grateful for the lights in my life, both physical and metaphorical. 603 more words

Happy Friday!

I am really blown away by the reaction I have gotten from my first post. It was suppose to be a short introduction, and instead became a flood of emotions and words. 541 more words

Life Story

Excuse Me, Jennifer Aniston?

This weekend, I was reading an article on Huffington post that linked to another article and so on and so forth — you know how the Internet can be a time warp — and somehow I saw a link to the headline, “ 775 more words



I have only recently learned how terribly common parent alienation is. I’ve been reading desperate stories, mostly from mothers, though I know it happens to fathers too.  908 more words



In looking back to last year’s December posts, I am remiss that I neglected to write more about our family’s happenings. So I don’t regret skimming over these details again, I am committing myself to blogging a few more times in 2014. 388 more words