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throwback to a preemie named rubina...

I missed World Prematurity Day on Monday so I’m making up for it now. Rubina was born at exactly 30 weeks; 2 full months early. We were terrified. 300 more words

Mom Life.

These are the people at the MRI, at the MRI...

Today baby, omph and I had a visit at the children’s hospital for an MRI. Apparently baby did very well – she must have felt me holding my breath and stopped wiggling, and then danced away every time she felt me breathing again. 329 more words

Adverbs of Living

” Discover adverbs in the sentences below

Use in your own sentences,” reads my little girl

Rather plaintively.

I hide a grin and refuse to indulge… 127 more words

Group 9 - Moms & Daughters! (featuring Melissa & Lily)

“When people tell you that raising kids is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, it’s an understatement.”

Those were words written in and spoken by Melissa, the first mom to share her story. 2,782 more words

Vivi's Top 5 Movie Mommies

I love it when a woman in a movie has a good set of balls on her. She takes no bull-pucky from the jerks around her, sticks to her guns, and fights for what she believes to be right (even if she’s a complete wack-job). 473 more words


Exploration of the love and bonds between mothers and daughters the world over, spanning continents, countries, cultures, ethnicities, adoption and biology

Putting by, part two: deep purple

Our back yard had a grape arbor, and our basement had an ancient stove. Our family had a mother and a grandmother. And that’s how we came to have the deep purple putting-by. 269 more words