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Margot Mondays - Working on our night cheese.

The last few Margot Mondays posts were a little heavy, so here’s an antidote for seriousness.

Each day I come home from work, set my purse down, take off my shoes, wash my hands, and scoop up my daughter. 149 more words


WTF?!(What the Fat?!) Moment #3: Why Did She Say That?!

Why Did She Say That?

Face book. Not my favorite thing, but as I make my way into the 21st century (a little late it’s true) I feel it’s my duty to try to understand this… 1,332 more words


Festival of Bridges #2 ~ Heart-Heart

Today’s contribution to The Festival of Bridges¬†brought me to a complete standstill and brought tears streaming down my face. It comes from Joan, who has the blog… 200 more words

Losing Elderly Parents

Never Enough Time


What is your favorite season? Does is spark a particular memory?

I love fall. I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t my favorite season. 468 more words

Something I Would Like To Look Back On When My Daughter Is All Grown Up...

This is honestly the most beautiful thing I have read in a long, long time. I cannot even imagine having this conversation with my daughter one day, she is still so small. 772 more words


Letting Go Again

Last week I moved my daughter to London, UK. For she and I, child and parent, the event marks one more step in letting go… 411 more words

Tampons and Taiwan: A Cautionary Tale

“Elizabeth, tampons aren’t for¬†virgins!”

My mother was exasperated, which was nothing new, she usually was with me; ever since she found me shaving my legs at age nine, blood covering the tub in streaks. 718 more words