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Glo Column for August: Little Pitchers

     It was the scariest sentence ever uttered by the woman who brought me into this world. Five simple words that gave me a complex and caused me to scrutinize my facial features out of fear that history would repeat itself: 604 more words

Glo Magazine

Becoming Bolder: Disclosures of a Somewhat Reluctant Adventurer

Though I have days to prepare, I’m already madly packing in my mind, selecting clothes I want, making a mental list of toiletries, determining the comparative value of protein bars (added protein) versus chocolate-covered pretzels (dopamine upsurge =crunchy happiness), and considering what books and magazines I want to lug around. 1,650 more words

New Kid on the Block

Acid Green joins the NOplays family! Sisters Joey and June-Bug have their lives changed forever when the secret of their late mother’s acid green mask starts to unravel. 32 more words

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Jealousy or Mental Illness?

I had a very disturbing conversation with my mother Friday evening.  It brought back a flood of emotions from my childhood.  Her jealousy and contempt was laid bare, and she wasn’t even talking about me. 510 more words


Smiles and sunshine every day!

Today was my youngest daughter’s 8th birthday. For the rest of time, I will tell Jaycie the story of her birth. How she kicked and hiccuped through labor and even as I pushed her out and how the nurses found that fascinating! 207 more words



by Bonnie Widerman (Irvine, CA)

There is a hole in the fabric of my Jewish childhood,

something missing, gone, nowhere to be found,

though I’ve searched my childhood home high and low— 319 more words

American Jewry


I feel helpless, watching my slumbering daughter, asleep on the couch in our family room. She is covered by her favorite blanket, her long, tousled locks splayed out across the college boyfriend’s Dodgers pillow; her sweet features hidden by the turban-like ice pack framing her face. 1,667 more words