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The power of association...


(n.) The connection or relation of ideas, feelings, sensations, etc.; correlation of perception, reasoning or the like.

To simply encounter an individual, enter a specific door, to inhale and savor an aroma, in these instances one can be transported back into another time or memory. 316 more words

Mothers And Daughters

How It Was When My Mother Died: Chapter 8


Leah speaking…

She’d been in the hospital since early spring. At one point her temperature had been 108 degrees, but I had no fear of her dying then. 1,616 more words


Death Is Not Sexy

The Super Bowl is sexy. Well, at least the Victoria’s Secret commercials and some of the halftime entertainment are, from what I’ve heard. I don’t watch it (sorry), so I don’t know.  446 more words

Radical Acceptance

Stories of My Mother, #6

Meanwhile, my mother came home from her weekly hair appointments sporting a face that seemed only vaguely reminiscent of the one she had left with. In her her eagerness to embrace the day and to sell her wares, Gretta sent my mother home each week with shockingly inappropriate eye make-up and a passel of samples. 463 more words


Finding the woman within, one toothpick at a time

My mother was born in 1919, the year the dial telephone was introduced and WWI drew to a close. J. D. Salinger was a 1919-er, too, along with Eva Gabor, whom mom found silly, Nat King Cole, whose music she loved, Jackie Robinson, whom she never gave the time of day, and Balto, the renowned sled dog. 529 more words


Mothering Across Time: Musings, Meanderings, Mistakes and Mastery

Today is my mother’s 75th birthday. Honoring her from afar is not easy to do. I wish I was there with her to celebrate. Luckily my brother and his partner are, along with her beloved husband, my beau père, so I know she’ll be well fêted. 698 more words


How It Was When My Mother Died: Chapter 7


Kathleen speaking…

She died in her sleep the night of January 31, 1979. For her last two years she had a very bad heart. 1,588 more words